Lies and Secrets are the Currency of Control.

Lies and secrets make up the major part of my life. The effects of which are continuing to unfold in my life now. Secrets do not go away. It may take decades but most resurface causing pain and trauma. Family secrets are like vampires. They never really die, and can always come back to bite you.

The Consequence of Standing up to the Cult Leader

This I believe was the last straw for my dad who then attempted suicide. He told me that ‘if this was what it meant to be a Christian than he would give his life to satan’. My 16 year old sister found him in a coma from an overdose of sleeping tablets and called the ambulance.

Kill them all: God Will Recognize His Own.

This is the sequence: you disagree with the institution or the leader, propaganda follows and then the ultimate punishment and control – expulsion. These things still happen. It has happened to me.