Do You Feel Like An Outcast From Church? An In-Betweenie?

Church is community. Church is people. It is a place of refuge, a place where everyone belongs. It is a place to find acceptance and love. Church is real people, loving people, GOOD people, living life in the most positive, warm, welcoming and grateful way.

We All Need Community

Four year old Isobel is sitting on the kerb with her friend Amelie. The girls eat their ice lollies and chat, dollies and scooters lying in the street beside them. Isabel’s baby brother Hugo is napping nearby in his buggy. A gang of boys comes whizzing down the road in a mass of scooters, skateboards and bikes. They deftly dodge another cluster of children, ranging in age from toddlers to pre-teens, who are busy chalking up hopscotch on the road. Play Street

The Mystery of the Bells in Rural France

I hope that this has given you a small slice of village life in France. It is mind boggling to me that they still function the same way that they did over 800 years ago. Those in the cafe were incredulous that we didn’t live like this in Australia. “How do you know what is happening in your community?”. It is sad for me to think that in all of our western progress we have somehow lost and missed out on these intrinsic links and webs that hold community life and function together.