Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Life is wild. It rolls at us like the breakers of the sea. Smashing against us and then drawing us out into deep water where we fear we may drown. At times the water is still and calm, but inevitably it will stir up again with some wind of change or discontent. Yet Gods faithfulness remains. His characteristics of love, comfort, peace, kindness, endurance, strength, gentleness, goodness, mercy and grace never waiver never change.

The Trouble with Lament by Lisa Hunt-Wotton

In this world of pain and conflict, who is doing the comforting? Lament is to admit that things have gone horribly wrong.

Who is Jesus – Easter Monday

In Jesus we have a God who is safe and a universe that is safe. We have a God who does not blame, does not punish, does not threaten, does not dominate. We have a God who breathes forgiveness. Rohr