The Loch Ness Monster, Portals and Thin Places

Einstein’s theory of relativity has opened the door to mystery being at the heart of the cosmos, and though scientists talk of dark energy, black holes, and the like, these are just names given to something that we know exists and we can track its impact, but nobody can really put their finger on what it actually us.

Lots of things – including portals – that were once thought of as in, at best, in the realm of science fiction, are now credibly possible. That doesn’t explain where Nessie is, though it means some of the more far-fetched ideas may not be so mad after all.

Celtic Spirituality in the Australian Landscape, Ray Simpson and Brent Lyons-Lee

A snap shot of Celtic Spirituality. Hospitality, No gender bias, anti-empire mindset, love of creation, a focus on the trinity, art, poetry and story telling.

Celtic Spirituality in the Australian Landscape by Ray Simpson and Brent Lyons

Traditionally, spirituality is concerned with the human spirit as distinct from the purely materialistic view of life. Spirituality helps us in our struggle to determine who we are (our being) and how we live our lives in this world (our doing). It combines our basic philosophy towards life, our vision and our values, with our conduct and practice.