Walking the Path to Wholeness

During the course of my life I have experienced seasons that I would describe as ‘Great Sadness’. Our sense of self worth evaporates and we feel like we are locked in a prison, weak and impotent, unable to break free. Let me share with you the secret to performing a prison break that would make James Bond envious. But because this prison is complex it will require three keys to unlock the door.

Monday’s Meditation: Exercise in Mindfulness

Mindfulness skills help us to focus our attention when we are overwhelmed by strong emotions. It can help with how we cope with everyday life or deal with tough times, and there are great benefits for our physical and mental health.

Monday’s Meditation: An Introduction, learning to breathe.

Hi there my friends,  I thought that I would start the first Monday’s post  by outlining where I would like us to go in this new season for us all.  Some of you may only touch base with… Read More