The Christmas Special

Join Matt and Lucas as we speak with one of the worlds leading historians of early Christianity and one of the major scholars in contemporary historical Jesus research, John Dominic Crossan.

Prayer and Spirituality

As our ideas of God expand and evolve, how might our prayer and spirituality do likewise?

How are we to engage with a God not above and removed from earthly life, but intimately a part of it? And where is the soul in all this?

What is Beyond 2000?

The church should be a gathering of people who are stripped to the core by love and who have been purged of everything that is not love.


Our first guest is Fred Plumer, head of the Progressive Christianity organisation from the USA. Our second guest is Michael Dowd, whose book, Thank God for Evolution, was endorsed by 6 Nobel Prize-winning scientists, noted skeptics, and by religious leaders across varying theological spectrums.

To Eternity and Beyond – Sin and Salvation

Is sin really something you’re born into? Has there been a defect in human manufacturing?

Is salvation really handed out on the basis of agreeing with certain theological propositions? Is there really a cosmic balance sheet – satisfied only by the death of God’s son? Is there another way to see salvation other than a ticket to heaven?

Can that dusty old leather bound set of scriptures speak any truth into today’s globalised, digitalised, super-sized world? Our sacred texts have come to be so many diverse things, from literal truth to a collection of wisdom. How we see it matters, for it will determine how we use it (and abuse it), and whether we allow it to have transformative power.

Beyondering Episode 2: Peace and Justice – Beyond ourselves

Love isn’t soft; its fierce and unrelenting. It is something that disturbs and disrupts and yet heals.

Beyondering – What is it?

Matt Cutler and Lucas Taylor speak with local and international guests to explore difficult faith questions.