Kindness is a Virtue

Be kind to yourself.  Especially the hurt and broken parts..  The unlovely parts. It is a revelation to realise that we are often the caretakers of our own prisons.   We are the ones holding the keys to our own prison cells and we are the ones punishing ourselves. We need to be kind enough to say, I can let go of this now.

2016 a Rather Stressful Year

You have to ask: Has Quentin Tarantino been directing 2016? Has the world gone mad? Can we make a difference. YES we can.

Please Be Kind

Imagine a world where we all showed kindness in thought, word and deed. That would be a revolution of love where every single person and being on earth would flourish and have the capacity to reach their full potential. So lets be less anxious and more kind, less fearful and more extravagantly generous.