I See You

I See You! by Nicole Conner Today Nicole talks to us about empathy and compassion.  I loved this article.  I love the way that it challenges our silence.  It is so easy for us in our apathy to… Read More

Mercy is Not for the Fainthearted

We are compelled by God’s undeserved mercy for us to respond in mercy to the practical needs of others. God has been merciful to us, so we are called to be merciful to others.

Deepening Refugee Crisis in Ethiopia, Somalia and Yemen.

We must never forget the circumstances – the horror and hardship – people are fleeing.

Tuesday Talks with Nicole Conner

Only love can bring healing, peace and reconciliation. Prejudice and fear never have and never will change anything, only radical, sacrificial love can do that. I hope that in times of tension and marginalisation the church can rise up in grace, kindness and welcome – maybe this time we can prove history wrong. Nicole Conner

Love Makes a Way: With Jarrod McKenna

“Stopping the Boats” doesn’t save lives. Stopping the boats saves us from seeing the suffering of those running for their lives. Just because we can see people drowning here doesn’t mean they aren’t dying elsewhere.