Friday Arts Day with Bindi Cole Chocka

In this first video Bindi Cole Chocka recounts her involvement in Shadowlife, Asialink Arts touring exhibition curated by Djon Mundine OAM and Natalie King, which toured to Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore in 2012-13.

We must lose our fear of being wrong.

True creativity does not come easily; creativity is born of risk and refined from failure. If we are at the core both spiritual beings and creative beings, then the artisan soul is where we live when we have the courage to be our truest selves.

Friday Arts Day

Art articulates thoughts that cannot be expressed. It fills the vacant sigh with substance; it brings light to dark alleys and puts punctuation on feelings. Jay McNeill

Friday Arts Day with Jiri Dvorsky

Jiri is a graphic artist from the Czech Republic. “I’m happy if they would find in my paintings something that touches their hearts. And it does not matter if someone understands my painting differently than I had thought. On the contrary, in this it’s the magic, that each can find in my paintings their own ideas and feelings”.