Lisa’s Story: The Path of Courage

More than comfort, money or fame; my legacy to my children is the example of my life. Yes, bad things happen, but you are able to survive. More importantly, you have the resilience you need to thrive. You can live in Shalom. You can flourish through the journey of suffering. You can live in community with others as gracious, loving, merciful and compassionate human beings. Everyone has the right to belong. Everyone has a story to tell and everyone deserves to be heard.

Australia’s Ice Epidemic

“AUSTRALIA, a country of sports champions, innovators … and drug takers”. The ABC 4 part series called Ice Wars starts tonight at 8.30pm. I highly recommend that you watch it. The biggest threat facing Australia today is not Donald Trump it is not ISIS it is ICE.
Today Cathy Mandile talks with me about drugs and the Ice epidemic and how to understand it.

Family Violence

Women have the right to live free from fear and violence. Everyone has the right to be treated with respect and to live free from fear. Nobody has the right to abuse you or control you. Women are not responsible for the violent behaviour of men – not ever. Family Violence WIRE 1300 134 130

Response To: My Wrestle with the Modern Church

From the stories that you have shared to me personally, on Word Press and on Face Book, I would suggest that many of you have suffered abuse at the hands of spiritual leaders. We all hate the word abuse and usually recoil from it. We don’t like to talk about it. It is reserved for especially evil people. Yet are all capable of abuse and in its most common form we use it to control people. Spiritual Abuse is when spiritual leaders cross the boundary from care and nurturing to control, neglect and rejection.

My Wrestle with the Modern Church

“If religion is worth holding on to, it should be the place where the marginalized feel the most visible, where the hurting receive the most tender care, where the outsiders find the safest refuge. It should be where diversity is fiercely pursued and equality loudly championed; where all of humanity finds a permanent home and where justice runs the show”. John Pavlovitz

Abuse Never Makes Sense

Now I understand abuse. THEN it was my reality and it was all that I knew. I realise now the idiocy of punishing anyone for missing a church meeting ever, let alone punishing a young girl who is bereft of her mother and has had her life threatened by a psychopath. Who is then further humiliated and shamed in front of grown men who did not come to her aid, who did not stand up and say that this is crazy behaviour.

Tuesday Talks: The Shark Cage

Think of each bar of the shark cage as a boundary or a basic human right. It we are taught that its not acceptable for people to shout at us or call us names, that is one bar in the shark cage..if we are taught that its not acceptable for people to hit us, then thats another bar in the shark cage by Ursula Benstead.

In the Name of God: Reflections on Bullying and Religion by Nicole Conner

Perhaps one of the most common forms of bullying is in faith communities themselves. Those deemed spiritual leaders can suggest various things from a place of ‘spiritual authority’ that really is a form of bullying. Most often, both sides believe they have God on their side and therefore the despicable behaviour and/or words are justified. Religious bullies often think themselves as ‘prophetic’, bearers of the truth, and apart from feeling persecuted, they are generally angry with this ‘wicked’ world.