If the work here is meaningful to you, you can partner with me in a very real way through Patreon.com.

Patreon allows people to financially pledge to support artists, writers, musicians, and other creative people.

Sunday Everyday has been on line since the first of February 2015. For the blog to continue I need your support.  You may want to give the amount you would spend on a coffee and muffin once a month.  Every bit helps.

Help support this blog and magnify my voice by pledging.

Thanks for considering.

Love Lisa



More info about sponsorship:

The idea behind Sunday Everyday is to talk about topics that really matter.  To look at the hard issues in a fresh way and to hear from other voices, to see issues through different lenses and from different perspectives.

The people who sponsor me on Patreon see Sunday Everyday as a social justice platform, doing very real ministry in the world.

Love Lisa

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2 Comments on “Give

  1. I would like to give a one off contribution from time to time, how can I do this, is there a bank account into which I could forward monies from my bank to it? Thanks, Ann


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