Hi all.  This is a very special invitation from Ray Simpson about an online course he has written.  This is a great tool for discipleship and application.  I encourage you to consider it.  I will be enrolling and look forward to what this journey has to offer.  The way-marks are like sign posts along the way, guiding us to a deeper level of contemplation and transformation.  The course grows out of a life-time exploring a Way of Life that could guide us through a new Dark Age.

Ray Simpson is the Founding Guardian, The international Community of Aidan and Hilda www.aidanandhilda.org

The world is at a cross ways. So is Christianity. The first Christians were called Followers of the Way.  Where’s it going in our time?

The Way

An On-line Pilgrimage for Life

for millennials to veterans from every land

This is not a journey about class, race, religious, money and power wars, the roads to untruth, fear, break-up – to nowhere.

 This is a road TO A WAY OF LIFE    for individuals, communities, the world.

The first Christians were called Followers of the Way.

This way is green, but will take us through dark valleys and heights of vision.  This authentic way in a post-truth world leads us to edges and common ground, to Ground Zero and deep listening. It leads towards a divine cosmic love affair. Don’t miss it.

This is part of a mass movement of people who care for earth, community and people.


Go to www.waymarksoflife.com

The Course 


This course will unfold insights, excite us to live in a whole new way, and help us to shape a whole new world. It suggests small, gentle, even playful first steps along the way, but does not shirk the hard things we shall sooner or later meet in life and in ourselves. Later, as the journey moves out of the sunny paths a soul friend or mentor may prove to be a vital support. .

It is open to all without obligation.

Three Options

There are three ways to gain the benefits of emails from waymarksoflife:

Option One. Use the emails as an aid for personal growth only.

Option Two. Use the emails as an aid for personal growth but engage a friend or mentor as a support to discovery or growth.

Option Three. Use Option One or Two and join the Waymarksoflife Facebook page where you can read of the journeys of others or discuss with others your journey. This is a closed group and only open to those who enrol.

Course Originator

This self-guided course is written by Ray Simpson, Founding Guardian of the dispersed international Community of Aidan and Hilda. Sales of his books on Christian spirituality are approaching their first quarter million. See www.raysimpson.org

You may enrol free of charge and cancel at any time. It costs us money, so we invite donations.  

TO ENROL and get more information Go to www.waymarksoflife.com

Seven days of emails are followed by resources and spiritual formation exercises to be tried out for a week. These emails will be sent for several years. They (with their follow-up material) may be returned to throughout life. An email is sent each day for seven days, then seven days for reflection, then the cycle starts again. The course is self-guided, but students may add insights and resources to our Facebook page (private – only open to subscribers at waymarksoflife) .



There are millions of churches, thousands of church-based courses and hundreds of missional networks. Followers of the Way may be engaged with any of these. Although this course is designed for individuals it highlights some core principles and practices that churches can also adopt if they wish to be servants of The Way. It also identifies some things that distance churches from the people and it suggests ways of transforming these. We hope churches and networks will commend these emails to members.

Subjects for each two-week unit for the first three years

  1. The World at a Cross Ways
  2. World voices: can we travel this Way?
  3. Questions at the gate
  4. Is this a new monastic Way?
  5. A Way of Life: What, why, where, but and how?
  6. Introduction to a Way of Life
  7. A Way of Simplicity
  8. A Way of Purity
  9. A Way of Obedience
  10. The Fruit of the Three Life-giving Principles
  11. Waymark 1 The wisdom of life-long learning
  12. Waymark 1 Life-long learning from Scripture
  13. Waymark 1 Ways of reading Scripture
  14. Waymark 1 Life-long learning from inspired people
  15. Waymark 1 Life-long learning from life
  16. Waymark 1 Life-long learning through creative arts
  17. Waymark 2 Journey
  18. Waymark 2 Journey with a soul friend (1)
  19. Waymark 2 Journey with a soul friend (2)
  20. Waymark 2 Journey with retreats
  21. Waymark 2 Journey with pilgrimage
  22. Waymark 2 Journey through the seasons of life
  23. Waymark 3 Rhythm
  24. Waymark 3 Rhythm of Daily Prayer
  25. Waymark 3 Rhythm of seasons
  26. Waymark 3 Rhythm of Work
  27. Waymark 3 Rhythm of Re-Creation
  28. Waymark 3 All ways of praying
  29. Waymark 3 More ways of praying
  30. Waymark 4 Praying for God’s will in God’s world
  31. Waymark 4 Overcome evil with good
  32. Waymark 4 Interceders
  33. Waymark 5 Simple Life-style
  34. Waymark 5 Hospitality
  35. Waymark 6 Creation – God’s sacrament
  36. Waymark 6 Creation – its groans
  37. Waymark 6 Creation care
  38. Waymark 7 Healing
  39. Waymark 7 Healing inner wounds
  40. Waymark 7 Healing wounded communities
  41. Waymark 7 The trail of the true human being
  42. Waymark 7 Live life to the full
  43. Waymark 8 Open to God’s Spirit
  44. Waymark 8 Learn to Listen
  45. Waymark 8 Prophecy
  46. Weaving together the God-given strands
  47. Church questions
  48. Waymark 9 Villages of God
  49. Waymark 9 Conflict resolution
  50. Waymark 9 Building Community
  51. Waymark 9 The Good Society

52 Waymark 10 Share Jesus and justice – the big picture.

  1. Waymark 10 Authentic witness
  2. Waymark 10  Indigenous and Cross-cultural Mission
  3. Waymark 10 Stand with the poor
  4. Waymark 10 Stand for truth
  5. Waymark 10 Signs and wonders
  6. Waymark 10  God-led lands
  7. Waymark 10 Economy means Oikonomia
  8. Waymark 10 A civilisation of love
  9. Waymark 10 The glorious Trinity
  10. Waymark 10 Leadership
  11. Flame and Struggle – Aidan
  12. Flame and Struggle –  Hilda
  13. Twelve Celtic Witnesses
  14. Ireland’s Twelve Apostles
  15. More great Celtic saints
  16. Stories of Desert Fathers and Mothers
  17. Monks and moderns: old habits die hard
  18. Corporate Expressions of the Community
  19. Explore: Taste and see
  20. Callings, Commitments and Coracles
  21. The Long Voyage
  22. The Celtic Community Cross
  23. Thin Places
  24. The Community of Aidan and Hilda – its name, oversight and inner dynamic.
  25. Reflecting back
  26. Letters from soul friends
  27. Mysticism
  28. The joy of spiritual fitness
  29. Growing old
  30. Live and die well
  31. Aidan and Hilda A-Z: their spiritual children today
  32. Review
  33. My personal sharing
  34. When the going gets tough
  35. Your feed-back
  36. Your questions
  37. More questions…




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