Don’t Forget Your Glasses
by Helena Mc Neill.

My very dear friend, Helena McNeill, is a Melbourne based singer and speaker who loves gratitude, brave love, Jesus, seashells and coffee.  She currently freelances as a singer and speaker at churches, women’s events, conferences and house concerts.   You can book her for any event by going to her website:

Her first book TRAVELLING TIPS FOR THE JOURNEY OF LIFE is a collection of songs and thoughts to encourage women as they navigate this messy but stunning journey of life and faith. Helena shares her hard earned life-lessons with raw honesty and humour, inspiring women to see the beauty in their lives even in the difficult days. If you need a dose of encouragement, this book is for you.

Hint: a perfect Christmas gift for her at $20 plus P&H!
Available for purchase online at
Here is a peek at Chapter 3 of Helena’s book, entitled Don’t Forget Your Glasses, along with the video of her accompanying song Grateful. 
This is a timely song as we head into the Christmas season…

Don’t Forget Your Glasses

“The one item you should never leave home without is your gratitude glasses. Always remember to wear them, because looking at life through the lens of gratitude gives you such a different perspective. Believe me, these glasses can save you from falling into many a ditch of self pity, discontent and unnecessary temper tantrums – which, let’s face it, stopped being cute at age 6, agreed? Better still, gratitude glasses look gorgeous, which is why they are the recommended basic accessory for a woman’s natural beauty kit.

Viewing life through glasses of gratitude cultivates contentment, which I have discovered can lead to a sweet little feeling called joy – a deep sense that I am glad to be living this life. My life. With all its crazy and bittersweet moments.

This simple act of choosing to look for something good in the middle of our messy lives has a powerful effect. It helps us be present in the life we have now, not the life we wish we had. It opens our eyes to the beauty and blessings already in our day rather than blindly missing them. You see, if we are always wishing our lives were different and focusing on what is not there, we miss the beautiful life we actually do have right now. 

Wearing gratitude glasses is like going on a treasure hunt, searching for a hidden gift or blessing in each day. It is amazing what you can find. If you look for joy, you will see it. And if you look for disappointment, you will see it. It’s scarily true what they say – you become what you focus on! 

Even though your gratitude glasses are totally gorgeous and beneficial to your life, you will be tempted to reach for those blurry glasses of comparison or an old trusty pair of worry glasses, particularly on your dark days. Avoid both of these at all costs. Looking at life through the lens of comparison to others is destructive and will lead you down a bitter and resentful path. Those comparison glasses seem so comfortable and tempting to wear, but when you look at your reflection in the mirror, be prepared to see a judgemental woman staring back at you. Viewing life through the lens of anxiety will steal your peace and joy for the journey, and leave you hiding in a fearful ditch.

Now I know that some days are hard. Gosh, some years are hard! I too have moments where I can’t even think about wearing any glasses because the tears won’t stop falling. In my journey with my daughter Sunny, who has a severe disability, I have times where the challenges to care for her are completely overwhelming. Inner rage at the injustice of her loss and its price tag on my own life is wildly screaming at me to give up…and I do give up and lose it for a moment – just like you probably do too in the context of your own challenges. I feel it all and it hurts like hell, and I am powerless to change it. Then I breathe…and keep living…and soon enough Sunny smiles that smile…and there it is – my gift, my lifeline. How I love that little girl. These are the moments when gratitude saves me. Sometimes the only thing I have power over is how I choose to respond to what’s happening in my life. And all I know is that I want my story and destination to be love, so I choose gratitude. 

Remember, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder – and that’s you.

What can you see? What are you looking for? Grab your faith-filled, hopeful gratitude glasses today and go on a treasure hunt!”

Live Performance – Grateful


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