Melbourne Gospel Choir – Christmas Live in the Streets

As we lead into the Christmas season I have asked a few of my amazing friends to chat with me about Christmas.  What are they up to and what Christmas means to them.

My dear friend Judd Field is the Choir Director for  the Melbourne Gospel Choir as.  I talk with him today about the MGC and what their new projects are.

The Melbourne Gospel Choir is Australia’s most sought after gospel group for TV appearances and backing vocals for international artists. They regularly appear on many TV shows such as the Carols By Candlelight, AFL Grand Final, Dancing With the Stars, The Logies, It Takes Two, Starstruck and the Good Friday Appeal.
Melbourne Gospel Choir is made up of many nationalities and origins, coming from every tribe and nation, and we love to join together in unity and sing the Gospel, especially at Christmas, the time of remembrance of our Saviours birth.

Their latest CD – Christmas Live In The Streets – is now available from iTunes BUY HERE.

Album is entirely Acapella (every sound and instrument sound is made with the human voice, apart from street noise) and all tracks start with a tram ding. Recorded live in the streets, alleys and car parks of Melbourne, noisy places and quiet places, with the hustle and bustle of Melbourne in the background. This album was mixed and mastered in the USA by Ed Boyer and Bill Hare who previously worked with Pentatonix

Christmas Live In the Streets is a mix of traditional carols and some brand new ones written by Judd Field – Give It Away, (Gloria), Thankyou, 1914 Carol of Christmas, One Child. The song 1914 Carol of Christmas, was written by Judd with Chris Eaton, songwriting royalty from the UK, (Amy Grant, Keith Urban, Cliff Richard) It was released in the UK in 2014 to commemorate 100 years since WW1. The RAF choir released it and went to number 1 on the UK Christmas Charts.


This image represents the diversity of our heritage.   We retraced our family trees as far as we could, and tried to use the tribal symbols associated with our heritage to show our different origins joining together as one.
This thing that tries to divide us is merely our cultural baggage and tribal divisions, just the colours on our flags, and painted on our faces. But this is what heaven looks like, and we choose to see beyond the colour and join in unity, together as one voice, and we boldly proclaim the Gospel in song, good news to the poor, freedom for the prisoners, and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free.

“There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”  Gal 3:28

“..and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb…And they cried out in a loud voice: “Salvation belongs to our God, who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb.” Rev 7: 9-10

Melbourne Gospel Choir:
Vita Adam, Derek Bailey, Lucy Bailey, Megan Corson, Nathalie Delahunty, Judd Field, Josh Gullo, Sandii Keenan, Amy Kuruvilla, Felicity Lawton, Mareshah Lawton, Mimi McMechan, James Muirhead, Akosia Sabet, Jeke Terei.  NEW MEMBER 2017 Tarryn Stokes

The album is out now and you can purchase it on Apple iTunes for $18.99 – it would make a brilliant Christmas Present.  Buy it here:  

The Choir’s next public performance will be at the The Karralyka Center on March 3rd 2018.

Tickets available soon from

Message from Judd.

I think it is very significant that we sing the Hallelujah Chorus on this album.  Originally, this song  was written for a charity who freed bond slaves.  Bond slaves who were unable to repay their debt,  would be put into prison. This charity would buy their freedom.  Still today around the world when disaster strikes, many families must make the horrible decision to sell a child as a bond slave. The Hallelujah Chorus echoes the cry to  bring freedom to the captive.

So please consider joining the Melbourne Gospel Choir in supporting World Vision by making a child happy and free this Christmas. Please go to

Why World Vision?

A few years ago I visited a slum in Jaipur India where I watched kids the same age as my own kids trapped as slaves making clothes and polishing gems so the more fortunate can purchase things a bit cheaper whilst taking advantage of the less fortunate. The experience has changed my life. As I sung Amazing Grace in the slum to these Moslem children, I was humbled and reminded that I  was once blind to the slavery that still exists today. Who made my shoes…your shoes…my clothes…your coffee? Did I care?

Once I realised I could do something about it by partnering with amazing organisations like World Vision who are right in the thick of it, how could I not shout it from the rooftops? Now I see.

The Gospel is good news to the poor, freedom to the captive and so the Melbourne Gospel Choir are committed to sing and do all we can to raise awareness about the plight of those in impoverished areas. There are 3 key ways that you can help stem the tide of injustice.

  1. Pray: World Vision need partners who will join with them as they provide aid to the deepest, darkest parts of the globe. Pray for protection and wisdom for the aid workers and for the poor they are ministering to everyday.
  2. Pressure: Become active by signing petitions to governments and corporations demanding they use fair trade. When purchasing your Christmas gifts, ask your local cafe and clothing shops to only stock only ethically sourced products.
  3. Provide: Sponsor a child, sponsor 5 children, buy a goat or chicken through World Vision’s Gift Catalogue and help them provide holistic development to families who some are in such extreme poverty they have to sell their own children into slavery to survive. By financially partnering with World vision you can help these child slaves get an education to break the cycle of poverty in their family.

Thanks Judd and the choir.  Make sure you check out their music, go to Itunes and download the album.  It is a fresh and powerful expression of Christmas and what this time of year should mean.

The album is out now and you can purchase it on Apple iTunes for $18.99 – it would make a brilliant Christmas Present.  Buy it here:  


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Track List in order as follows. 

1 – Jesu Joy of Men’s Desiring – Feat. Judd Field.

2 – Hallelujah Chorus

3 – Away in a Manger – Gloria –  Feat. Josh Gullo. Judd Field, Amy K,

4 – Give it away  – Feat. Vita Adam, Amy K, Judd Field.

5 – Children Feat. Judd Field, Mareshah Lawton, Vita Adam.

6 – That’s Christmas to Me  Feat. Judd Field, Amy K, Vita Adam, James Muirhead.

7 – 1914 Carol of Christmas – Feat. Judd Field, Mareshah Lawton, Felicity Lawton.

8 – Silent Night  Feat. Amy K, Mareshah Lawton, Felicity Lawton, James Muirhead.

9 – Jingle Bells – Rudolf the Red Nose Rain Deer, Jazz Medley, Feat. Megan Corson.

10 – Thank you

11 – His Eye is on the Sparrow Feat. Mareshah Lawton, Felicity Lawton.

12 – One Child  Feat. Judd Field, Amy K.
13 – Oh Come All Ye Faithful Feat. Sandii Keenan, Judd Field.

Copyright arrangement details in order as follows. 

1 – Jesu Joy of Men’s Desiring – (Public Domain: Composer, Johann Sebastian Bach, Arranged: Judd Field)

2 – Hallelujah Chorus – (Public Domain: George Frideric Handel, Arranged: Judd Field)

3 – Away in a Manger – Gloria (Public Domain/JuddField: Arranged: Judd Field)

4 – Give it away – (Original Judd Field, Vita Adam, Arranged: Judd Field)

5 – Children – (Bieber, Boyd, Moore, Tucker, Green, Hartikainen. Arranged: Judd Field)

6 – That’s Christmas to Me – (Olusola, / Hoying, Arranged: Ben Bram, Additional Arrange: Judd Field)

7 – 1914 Carol of Christmas – (Chris Eaton, Judd Field, Arranged: Judd Field)

8 – Silent Night – (Public Domain: Franz Xaver Gruber: Arranged: Judd Field)

9 – Jingle Bells – Rudolf the Red Nose Rain Deer, Jazz Medley – (Public Domain: James Pierpont / Johnny Marks, Kobalt Music Group, Arranged: Judd Field, Megan Corson)

10 – Thank you – (Judd Field, Arranged: Judd Field)

11 – His Eye is on the Sparrow ( Civilla D. martin/Charles H. Gabriel, Arranged: Judd Field, Mareshah Lawton, Felicity Lawton)

12 – One Child – (Judd Field, Jay McNeil, Phil Turcio, Arranged: Judd Field)

13 – Oh Come All Ye Faithful – (Public Domain: Wade/Reading, Arranged: Judd Field)


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