Good morning everyone.  Today I post a beautiful poem called ‘This is Your Day’.  This is written by singer songwriter, poet, vocalist Greg Ferguson.   Greg is a singer, songwriter, poet and is deeply creative.  You can follow him on FaceBook here.


This poem stopped me in my tracks.  I have read and re read this many times.  I pray that it refreshes your soul and gives you hope as it did to me.  Shalom.



God of multitudes

of the turbulent sea of humanity

of the found

of the lost

the wandering

and the wondering


You see it all

all of it fully within

the focus of Your field of vision

the scope of Your compassion

not the mere whim

of the rant and the random

this moves me to drop to my knees

bowing not to the inevitable

nor the incomprehensible

but to the absolutely




We are not


we are not


we are not wanderers


nor sitting ducks

in a sea of probability

we are worshipers

in the service of Divinity


Your compassion will not flag

our protection will not falter

our supplication will not fall silent to the ground

our expectation will not dissolve and blow away

this is Your day

this is Your day

ours to tend

but Yours to save


O God

every day

is Your most



©greg ferguson


2 Comments on “This is Your Day

  1. So beautiful. “…our supplication will not fall silent to the ground”…. I need that reminder. Thanks for sharing, Lisa xx

    Liked by 1 person

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