Travelling Tips for the Journey of Life by Helena McNeill

Helena is a dear friend of mine.  We worked together at CityLife Church and have been joined at the heart ever since.  Spending time with Helena is like being around pure joy.  She is a deeply creative, beautiful soul.  We laugh, we giggle, we cry, we mourn and we roar.  A woman rich in love and humility.  I am so proud of this endeavour of hers to write a book and pair it with her music.  As soon as you start reading TRAVELLING TIPS FOR THE JOURNEY OF LIFE, you start thinking of all of the people in your life who would love love love this book.  It is just simply a reflection of Helena, it is beautiful.

The Artist

Helena McNeill is a Melbourne based singer-speaker who loves gratitude, brave love, Jesus, seashells and coffee. She freelances as a singer and speaker at churches, events and house concerts. Her songs and stories explore the journey of life and faith with raw honesty and humour, inspiring us to see the beauty in our lives even in the difficult days.


She first worked as a singer-worship leader and Creative Arts Director at Careforce Church in Melbourne, followed by 5 years working as singer-worship leader at Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago, U.S.A along with her musician-songwriter husband Jay McNeill.
Since returning to Melbourne where they now reside with their twin daughters, Helena has served as Worship Director at CityLife Church in 2014, and worked in Church Engagement at CBM Australia in 2015/16.

The Book

In 2017 Helena created her first project as an author, combining her songs and stories together, culmulating in the release of her first book TRAVELLING TIPS FOR THE JOURNEY OF LIFE.  Songs and thoughts to guide you on your way.


A collection of songs and thoughts to encourage women as they navigate this messy but stunning journey of life and faith.


The Reviews

This little book and collection of songs is remarkable because of the heart of the author.  Helena Mc Neill has weathered more storms of life than most of us.  She writes and sings out of her authentic struggle to find God in the midst of her questions and pain.  I could listen to Helena sing all day long and I am still struggling to work out which of these songs is my favourite.

Nancy Beach

Leadership Coach with the Slingshot Group.  Author and Speaker.

I strongly encourage you to put Helenas book and music at the top of your “must read/must listen” list.  Your soul will thank you.

Corinne Ferguson

Artist and Leadership Coach, Former Executive Producer of The Global Leadership Summit.

The Illustrator

The illustrations in this book are captivating.  They sooth and move you and are partnered perfectly with Helena’s writing.  Kim Miatke is an artist whose hearts desire is that her art and the story that accompanies it will speak to your heart and will in some way bring healing and joy to your soul.  Kim loves the privilege of journeying with others and sharing the messy, scary, painful & fun moments of her own life with raw honesty. She believes that everyone has creative potential that just needs to be unlocked. To see more of Kim’s work visit Kim Miatke

To Contact Helena go to Helena Mc Neill



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