Hi all.  I have had some fabulous feedback regarding NAIDOC week.    Thank you for your interest and passion about our indigenous brothers and sisters.

I am really keen to be educated in the area of our First Australian history, stories and needs.  I am the first person to admit that I am stumbling a bit in the dark and am on a huge learning curve.  Therefore I really value your feedback and guidance.

In that spirit let me direct you to an amazing team who are all over this issue and most missional issues.  TEAR Australia are passionate about educating people and supporting equality and justice.   I personally know many of the team and they are just all around amazing humans.   This LINK will take you to some fabulous information and resources regarding NAIDOC week.  They give very practical suggestions about how you can help, subscribe to find out more.

“NAIDOC Week was initiated by the inspiring Aboriginal activist and Christian leader William Cooper, who asked churches to start praying for his people. As people of faith who care deeply about God’s vision for restoration and justice for our Aboriginal brothers and sisters let’s walk together as we revisit the original meaning of NAIDOC week. Featuring videos, blogs, reflections and prayers from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Christian leaders”.  TEAR Australia

I encourage you to get involved.  Love Lisa.


Grass Tree Gathering: Safina Stewart





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