This is an invitation to see the short film Senisim Pasin (Change Our Ways)  which will be shown on the 22nd of June 2017 in Northcote Melbourne.  Details Below.  Senisim Pasin is a beautifully shot short film on violence against women and girls.  It takes a positive & innovative approach to the dark subject of gender-based violence & often leaves participants aspiring to be part of the movement.

Did you know that in Papua New Guinea women are being hung and burned alive or hacked to death because they are accused of being witches.

A “berserk” crowd used bows and arrows, knives and axes to hack to death seven people including two small children accused of sorcery, a trial in Papua New Guinea has heard (The South China Post).

Women are disfigured by their husbands with machetes over small arguments.  Gender mutilation continues as does child marriage.  Two thirds of all women in PNG suffer from violence and abuse.

“Though scant wide-scale studies have been undertaken, statistics show that more than half of women there have been raped. Reports have estimated that 60% of men had participated in gang rape at least once, while in certain Highland provinces the rate of violence against women was 100%” (The Guardian)


Educating men is paramount to seeing an end to the epidemic of violence toward women and girls in PNG.

Senisim Pasin (“change our ways”) is a national campaign that has been specially designed to change thinking and cultural attitudes about how women are valued in Papua New Guinea. It does not belong to the Tribal Foundation or our partners but to all of Papua New Guinea and to anyone who wants to be part of the progress. Senisim Pasin is a community benefit for our beloved Papua New Guinea. It inspires us all to get involved, join forces, and Change our Ways.

A thrilling and powerful presentation. An emotional video that challenges me to work on some of my attitudes and behaviors. Its about time I make some choices for the better.”

Senisim Pasin is a beautifully shot short film on violence against women and girls.  It not only educates about the horrors our closest neighbours are facing but leaves us with hope that change is possible.

A three year campaign started at the end of 2015 to take the film to remote villages around PNG. The film is shown to all in the village and then a time is allocated to ask the men to pledge to not harm the women in their life. Already there has been signs of change: In the first month of the Campaign being launched in the Enga Province (approx. 432,000 people across 37 km2) there was a 92% reduction in gender based violence cases reported. T

In March of 2014, our PNG Tribal Foundation team spent 5 weeks with a film crew from Global Virtual Studio, a film company based out of Hawaii and Los Angeles, shooting footage in several locations in PNG.

The footage and stories are powerful and in a very unique way addresses the issue of gender-based violence and how the cultural mindset can change to begin to celebrate the value and beauty of women. Most recently Senisim Pasin has been adopted as part of Papua New Guinea’s National Strategy for Responsible and Sustainable Development.

Our focus on gender equality has now shifted to education on the new laws that we helped bring about as well as bringing about change in hearts and minds by employing the Papua New Guinean tradition of storytelling.

The campaign is centered around a powerful documentary film by the same name that resonates deeply with Papua New Guineans. The film has already begun to create a snowball effect and together with the campaign is destined to leave Papua New Guinea, and other Pacific Island Nations, forever changed.

 Senisim Pasin is a strategic Papua New Guinea Tribal Foundation initiative  in alliance with the National Strategy for Responsible Sustainable Development.

We invite you to join us for this exclusive screening to raise money and awareness for such a worthy campaign that helps change cultural thinking for the better.
On Thursday 22 June 2017


Palace Westgarth Cinemas
89 High Street, Northcote, Melbourne, Victoria 3070

Doors open at 7:15pm for a 7:30pm Start.

Tickets are available at Try

See Film Trailer below:

Senisim Pasin – Trailer from Josiah Thiesen on Vimeo.


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