On most Fridays I showcase an artist.  Today I want to showcase Amanda Louise Spayd who is creating The World of Dust Bunnies.  Why I hear you ask?  What has this got to do with anything?

Well there are several reasons.

1:  Life is overwhelming at times in so many areas and sometimes you just need to look at an adorable, quirky face.  Today, a dust bunny.

2:  I support the arts in many ways.  One of the ways that I support other artists is by supplying them with nourishment.  In other words, inspiration.  Artists gobble up other artists and their work.  It sparks imaginations and kick starts stale projects.  So for the artist that just needs a quirky side track or a kick in the butt – this is for you

3:  And to you who have had a tough week.  You know who you are.  You might just need to look at a dust bunny, read the words of an imagineer, remember the whimsy of your childhood and just smile.  If I get you to smile then my job here is done.


Amanda Louise Spayd’s mixed-media work combines the textures and colors of antique domestic objects, the natural world, and an obsessive attention to detail. At once endearing and unsettling, her fabric creatures evoke ideas of cast-off children’s toys and ill-conceived taxidermy experiments with crooked human teeth.

Because of their aged, antique appearance, one is left to wonder about the origin, past experiences, and past lives of these creatures. Do they look like this because they were abandoned, or because they were literally loved to pieces? The idea of an unknown past story, combined with the possibilities of their future, is a central theme of her work. Her work has been published internationally, and is highly sought after by collectors around the globe, and she has exhibited her work in galleries and conventions across the United States, France, and Japan.

You can follow Amanda on her FB site or on her website amandalouise.com


Dust Bunnies are wide-eyed, snaggle-toothed creatures full of curiosity, but, not so full of smarts.

Ignorance is bliss, however, and they inhabit our world in the shadows and corners, unbothered and unnoticed by humans. They’re the ones responsible for that one sock that disappears after you do laundry, as well as those mysterious chew-marks on the bottoms of your wooden chair legs, and the unexplained shuffling sounds from across the house that you can never quite identify. They don’t need us to notice them, and don’t rely on us for anything. They collect our cast-off things and adorn themselves with the forgotten detritus of eras long past.

They are innocent, they are curious, they are weird, and they are wonderful.


I came across Amanda’s work on Patreon.  We are both members of Patreon which is a site designed to support artists and the work that they do.  Have a listen to the amazing Amanda and smile.

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