For various historical reasons, East Timor has never had maritime boundaries.

As a sovereign nation East Timor wants maritime boundaries and is legally entitled to have them. Unfortunately, the Australian Government has persistently refused to establish permanent maritime boundaries with East Timor in accordance with current international law.  Specifically, we’re calling for the establishment of permanent maritime boundaries between East Timor and Australia in accordance with international law – that is, the boundary should be drawn along the median line halfway between the two countries’ coastlines. (Taken from the Timor Sea Justice Campaign).


The new Movie ‘Time to Draw the Line’ reveals the David and Goliath fight between East Timor and Australia over maritime boundary lines.  

Time to Draw the Line
Directed by Amanda King & Fabio Cavadini
2016, 58 minutes
Featuring prominent Australians speaking out for East Timor, it is being released for cinema-on-demand screenings around the country this month.  

My dear friend Tim Read and Nandy Gurr  are hosting a special one-time screening of the film Time to Draw the Line, Wednesday March 1 at Croydon Cinemas.  

Unlike a traditional movie showing, our Demand Film screening requires that 60 tickets be reserved in the next few days in order for the screening to occur. 
The screening will go for 50min from 7pm, followed by a 15min Q and A, with a small panel of people knowledgeable on the issues.
At this stage and we need another 25 sold in the next 3 days for the screening to go ahead.
To reserve your tickets, please visit the Demand Film Event Page here:
Interview with Tim Read about Time to Draw the Line.
Tim, what is the film about?
The world fell in love with Timor-Leste when it was born as a new nation after 25 years of turmoil and war. Australia’s peace keeping force helped with its peaceful transition into nationhood. Now, over a decade later, the dark story of Australia’s relationship with this new nation must be told. Time to Draw the Line presents the campaign for a fair go for East Timor and that nation’s desire to settle its long-running maritime boundary dispute with Australia.
Tim, why are you involved?
For many years New Community in Ringwood has been involved in many projects on the ground in Timor Leste, these include building new schools, feeding programs, purchasing a 4wd to help blind people from remote ares to get to a special school, and much more.
Over time it became obvious there is a stigma attached to Australians, and digging deeper, led us to discover the way our government has manipulated and deceived Timor Leste over gas and oil in the Timor sea.
Whilst native Timorese in remote areas where aware of the Australian governments behaviour, Australians where largely unaware. This had to change.
What does the film hope to achieve?
The documentary was made to raise awareness of the issue and let Australians know how their government (both sides) has represented them. Putting gas and oil companies ahead of one of the poorest countries in the world.
And through that to rally support in calling on the government to act in a responsible and just way.
Things are changing, Timor and Australia have released this joint statement about a September deadline
Both Timor-Leste and Australia agreed that the meetings were productive, and reaffirmed their commitment to work in good faith towards an agreement on maritime boundaries by the end of the conciliation process in September 2017. The Commission intends to do its utmost to help the Parties reach an agreement that is both equitable and achievable
This is a good start but the process is happening behind closed doors and history has shown so far that they can’t be trusted.
Australians need to be aware and the pressure needs to be kept on.
More info can be found at:

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