Talking About Invisible Illness – Mental Illness: Max Silverman at TEDxBatesCollege

Max Silverman of Tarrytown, N.Y., is a junior with an interdisciplinary major that combines sociology, politics and education. The founder of the Bates chapter of Active Minds, a national organization dedicated to raising campus awareness of mental health and stigmatization, Silverman will devote his TED talk to this topic, underscoring the importance of understanding mental illness as biological.

Max story  is about the slow diagnosis of his brothers mental illness and it’s impact on the family.  The difficulty of finding out what was going on, the lack of support.  Mental illness is a medical condition, a disease of the brain but it is not treated as such.  My brothers illness is hidden and stigmatised.  We don’t know how to talk about mental health.

It is also about the inequality of care for mental health as compared to physical health.

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