Friday Arts Day with one of my favourite poets Cameron Semmens.

Cam is an award winning poet and an amazing person.  In fact he is in the section of one of the most amazing people in my world.   Cameron is a highly experienced and award winning performance poet. Doing on average 50 gigs a year at a wide range of venues and events, for adults and kids alike. So, if you’re looking for thoughtful, meaningful entertainment – Cam’s your man!


Poets have been mysteriously
silent on the subject of cheese.

– G.K. Chesterton

Make sure you read this poem all the way to the end.  It will  make your soul sing and dance and give you a lift to an otherwise very suburban day. Lisa.

Let’s Get This ARTY Started!


a garden.


a community.

Create a culture

of yoghurt.

Create a rhyme to remember your family’s birthdays.

Create a planter box for couch potatoes.

Create a gallery of broken hearts and Hyundai parts.

Create the permission to smile

whatever the weather.

Create umbrellas out of aspirins

and parasols out of ice-cream.

Create cubbies from cardboard boxes

and telescopes out of toilet rolls.

Create jewellery out of cutlery,

make cutlery out of celery,

grow celery from the seed.

And don’t stop there!

Keep on going!

On through the far-reaches of creativity

into ART!

Highbrow art, lowbrow art,

eyebrow art, symphonies in cow farts.



It’s anti-glum fun!

It’s appealingly healing!

It’s a grief relief!

It’s a coy ahoy to joy!

It’s a humble stumble into screaming meaning!

And it’s surprisingly easy.

Turn that pain into paintings.

Turn that humiliation into humour and claymation.

Turn that cold, empty heart of yours

into an esky

for the soft cheese of someone else’s hopes.

Turn the rubble of your dreams

into landfill

for sculpting the dreamscape of your future.


Don’t be ruled by fear.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the right gear.

Just be curious!

Be yourself!

Be boldly vulnerable!

Wallow in wonder!

Linger longer

in the random, rampant spasms

of imagination!


It brings colour to black-and-white thinking;

it wraps sledgehammers in bubble wrap;

prune-like, it brings relief

to the cognitively constipated.

‘Cos if you’re not

truly expressing

you’re probably

unduly repressing,

cruelly oppressing, or

really depressing to be with.

From the bottom of my art

I beg of you –


like your life depends on it

(‘cos it does).

Cameron’s Book  10 Poems that could really help you out of a tough spot. Is available on his website .  For $11;95

So you’re in a tough spot, a rough place?

You need some consolation and inspiration?

Then this little book is just for you.

50 pages of encouragement;

10 poems, beautifully presented;

1 gift of a book – for yourself or that friend in need.

10 Poems COVER (SM)

Poetry is a deal of joy and pain and wonder,
with a dash of the dictionary.

– Kahlil Gibran

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Love Lisa

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