Who is the Holy Spirit?  What are his characteristics?  by Lisa Hunt-Wotton

The Holy Spirit is fully available to all of us. He is the Paraclete:  the helper, counsellor, advocate and encourager.  He is the  the third person of the trinity.  He is fully God. He is eternal, omniscient, omnipresent, has a will, and can speak. He is alive.

He is a person not some vague presence or cloud.

He is so valuable and important that He was the one that Jesus sent to lead us, protect us and guide us into all truth when Jesus departed this earth.  We often minimise His power and presence in our lives.

Today I thought that it would be good to meditate on the personality and character of the Holy Spirit.

When all else fails, and you don’t even know what  or how to pray.  Think on the Holy Spirit.  Our comforter and guide. Awaken the presence of the Holy spirit within you.

You must seek to be a blank state, You must desire to remain unwritten

Empty yourself of everything and Speak these characteristics of the Holy Spirit out loud and ponder on each of his gifts whenever you are ‘losing faith in God or yourself.’

The Characteristics of the Holy Spirit

These are taken from Henri Nouwens’ Book “The Naked Now – Learning to see as the Mystics See”.


Pure gift of God, Indwelling presence, Promise of the Father

Life of Jesus, Pledge and Guarantee,  Eternal Praise

Defence Attorney, Inner Anointing, Reminder of the Mystery

Homing Device, Knower of All things, Stable Witness

Implanted Pacemaker, Over comer of the Gap, Always Already Awareness

Compassionate Observer, Magnetic Centre, God Compass

Inner Breath, Divine DNA, Mutual Yearning Place


Photo by Matt Lawson

Given Glory, Hidden Love of God, Choiceless Awareness

Implanted Hope, Seething Desire, Fire of Life and Love

Sacred Peacemaker, Nonviolence of God, Seal of the Incarnation

First Fruits of Everything, Father and Mother of Orphans, Planted Law

Truth Speaker, Gods Secret Plan, Great Bridge Builder

Warmer of Hearts, Space between Everything, Flowing Stream


Wind of Change, Descending Dove, Cloud of Unknowing

Uncreated Grace, Filled Emptiness, Through-Seer

Deepest Level of our Longing, Attentive Heart, Sacred Wounding

Holy Healing, Softener of Our Spirit, Will of God

Generosity of the Creator, Inherent Victory, The one of Sadness

Our shared Joy, Gods Tears, Gods Happiness

The Welcoming Within, New and Eternal Covenant, Contract Written on our Hearts

Jealous Lover, Desiring of God, Eternal Comforter.



We honour you Holy Spirit, you who pray in us, through us, for us, with us and in spite of us.

Amen and Hallelujah.


Art by Gabby

The Virgin Prayer

by Henri Nouwen

God  regarded her in her lowliness. -Luke 1:48

You must seek to be a blank state,

You must desire to remain unwritten,

No choosing of this or that.

Not “I am good because.”

Nor “I am not good because.”

Neither excitement nor boredom.


Remaining Nothing,

An unchosen virgin,

And unchoosing too, just empty.

No storyline by which to start the day,

No Identity enhancers nor losses,

To make yourself valuable or not.


Nothing interesting, Nothing uninteresting,

Neither against, nor for Something.

Nothing to recall from yesterday.

Nothing to look forward to today.


Just me, naked, exposed,

No self to fix, change or find,

Nothing to judge right or wrong,

Important or unimportant,

Worthy or unworthy,

I stand and wait,

Neither powerful nor powerless,


For You to name me,

For You to look upon my face,

For You to write my script,

For You to give the kiss,


In your time and your way.

You always do.

And it is always so much better.


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3 Comments on “Who is the Holy Spirit?

  1. The Holy Spirit is not defined by gender and at times demonstrates a feminine persona. Like the ‘Father’ gender is not specific. Only the Son is clearly male


  2. To feel the Holy Spirit is incredible and feeling empowered to do anything in life with the Holy Spirit in your life.


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