A Letter to Those Sitting In Darkness  by Lisa Hunt-Wotton

For the last few weeks I felt very unsettled, displaced and dislocated.  In one way I guess you could say that I had lost my peace.  I was not sleeping well and my nights were filled with dark dreams.  I could sense that I needed to spend some time in solitude with God but I was too tired and irritable.  This morning I finally sat down to pray and journal.

I started in a bit of a rant to be honest.  What follows is my journalling and supplication and then the answer that I needed to hear.  I hope that this encourages you.


Why so much darkness?

Why so much stress?

Why so much pressure?

As my friend said to me last night Lord: “It feels like all the chess pieces have moved on the board but we can’t see what’s happening”?

Why do we feel so dislocated?

Then as I often do I began to write a letter to God.

Dear Lord,

I write to you because we are living in the shadow of a great darkness.  Our leaders have no integrity and are not truthful.  Our churches are exclusive and manipulative and some are even hateful (I had in mind the Westborough Baptist Church picketing the funerals of the dead from Orlando).

The people suffer with anxiety, anger and depression.  There is a great heartache in the earth and nations are displaced and dying.  Our planet is dying more and more each day as whole species and environments are extinguished.

We live in dark days.

This was the reply I recieved:

“The people who walk in darkness have seen a great light. Those who live in a dark land, the light will shine upon them”. Isaiah 9:2

Then I was reminded of the way that Jesus begun his ministry by repeating this same quote in Isaiah. (Matthew 4:16)

Lisa many of those today who proclaim that they have the light are actually light extinguishers.  They take the oxygen out of the room so that what little flame there is flutters and is extinguished.  These are false lights.  They have enough light to cast it upon themselves.  They do not illuminate the path, they just illuminate themselves.  Their lights are self illuminating causing all who do not dwell within the circle of their light to be cast out.  This false light is not my light.

My light shows the way to walk out of the darkness.  It shines seven times brighter than the sun and illuminates the way for all to see.

My light shines for those who live in deaths shadow.  It penetrates the greatest lies, the deepest darkness.

My light shines on those travellers who are weary, melancholy and heart sore.

Your leaders and nations are groping around in the darkness.  Is one lie better than another?  Can one shade of darkness shine brighter than another?

Hear me now and understand this simple truth:

Where you find love, joy and hope you will find my light.  Although now it is like looking through a glass darkly, my light will shine more and more as each day approaches.  As the darkness grows my light will shine even brighter.

Each little step that you take, each time that you embrace love my light shines.

Each time that you show kindness and mercy my light shines.

Each time you embrace truth and justice my light shines.

Indeed it will shine more and more until my light eventually breaks over the whole earth in the coming glorious sunrise.  A great light.  The light of the whole earth.  A light powerful enough to restore all of heaven and all of earth.

Only my light will teach you how to walk in the footsteps of peace.  

Where you find oppression, domination and suppression, you will find the false light.  Where you feel bound, chaff and are gagged you will find the false light.

My light brings warmth, healing, freedom and deliverance.  But most of all it brings peace.

Peace of mind

Peace for your heart

Peace for your soul


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Love Lisa

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2 Comments on “A Letter to Those Sitting in Darkness

  1. I thank God for reminding the purpose why I should live my daily life.
    I learn here again that every change we did for God’s glory satan walks in the other way around.
    I was in a such situation.By the way I thank God for what you have done.I beleive for my case God is talking to me.The only thing I should do is to be faithful with God.

    Liked by 1 person

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