This post goes out to wish you all a very beautiful “Mothers Day” wherever you are.

I am in France at the moment, a long way from home and missing my incredible children and their partners.  As a mother, step mother, mother in law and daughter I am amazed at the many facets and capacities of motherhood.  The complexities and the intricacies.  I am sure that you all have your own unique journey and lens through which you view motherhood and what it means to be a mother.

This is my beautiful family.  We are always growing, sharing, laughing, complaining, crying and forgiving.


One of the most significant moments of my journey as a step-mother came in the way of a gift when my stepson Bradley and his finance Melanie asked me to marry them this year.  It was such a precious day and such a healing moment.

It’s a very hard gig being a step mum.  I have made a lot of mistakes.  Those early years were  very challenging for all of us.   We were all bruised, battered emotionally and travelling with our own griefs and losses.  I was at times overwhelmed.  However, time passes swiftly and new moments of wonder and love can be made to build upon the past.


I am really enjoying this stage of my life now having adult children.  I’m learning them all over again as adults and I absolutely adore the new daughters that are in my life and the joy that they bring.  It’s fascinating for me to watch the boys change and flourish with the gift of these beautiful and intelligent women in their lives.

I’m also thinking of my own Mum who just turned 85 last week.   I am so grateful for the journey that we have been on.  It hasn’t always been easy and we have had some bumpy years.  I realise that no matter how old you are you never stop learning, loving, growing and forgiving.

She is hilarious, a gentle soul who loves Jesus and who has a very funny sense of humour.

Our relationship is fully reconciled and is now flourishing.  For this I am very grateful.  Never underestimate the power of forgiveness, it is incredibly powerful and only brings joy.

So Happy Mothers Day to you all.  No matter what the issue, no matter how bad, how seemingly hopeless, a mother never gives up on you because she knows that love never fails.

Life doesnt come with a manual. It comes with a mother.

Here is a little tribute to mothers.

Art Work on Featured Image:  Art Installation by Lisa Hunt-Wotton.  Paper Heart

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Love Lisa



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