Generous Creativity

What does justice have to do with creativity? Or what does creativity have to do with justice? The answer, surprisingly, is a lot.

God’s purpose for creation fits with his creative energy in creation. Likewise, his ongoing purpose in this world and for our lives—as a part of his creation—guides and gives import to the creative energy we have as creatures made in his image. Whether you’re starting from a focus of justice work or whether you’re laden with artistic talent and creative energy, understanding God’s plan for creation and the ultimate aim of creativity will fire up your imagination and give direction to your passions.

This thought comes from the creators of ‘SPARC Justice’ which is being launched in Sydney on 11th of March and in Melbourne on Saturday the 12th of March 2016 and is co hosted by TEAR and SPARC.

At SPARC Justice Ken Wytsma, the founder of The Justice Conference, will be talking about ideas in his new book Create vs Copy and will also be  speaking about the underdeveloped part of the justice conversation that has to do with the role of creativity  and imagination.

 It really is the creative act that helps us make space for life and pursue the reconciliation of all things.  The innovation and imagination that we bring to justice impacts our life as we try to being about the Shalom of God to all of creation.

‘Sparked’ from the question: Are justice and creativity linked?  The people behind ‘The Justice Conference’ are looking at how we bring these two important topics together.

The Justice Conference was birthed out of a simple idea and a compelling paradox – true life is found when we give our lives away on behalf of others. What if Christians truly lived out the message of Jesus and transformed their communities through their love and the practice of authentic justice?

This idea was put into action and The Justice Conference was founded in 2010 by a group of like minded friends in Bend, Oregon (USA) who dreamed of impacting a generation for justice. The driving value of the conference has always been what is called the theology of justice, that an understanding of God should compel love for others and engagement in justice.

The Justice Conference  which is on in Melbourne in October 21-22 is a vital global platform for the Faith and Justice Community. They are one of the largest biblical and social justice conferences, bringing together world-class speakers and artists into gatherings designed to catalyse emerging works of justice around the world.

Their vision is to serve the discovery of ideas, celebrate the beauty of justice, and foster a community of people who live justice together.

Now, more than ever, people of faith need to come together to wrestle with the injustice in our world. This is the time. This is the place.

SPARC takes this theology and vision a step further and links it with creativity.

What is creativity?  It is the ability to take fresh and new ideas and make them happen.  Most importantly to create something.  The Disney group call this ‘imagineering’.  To imagine and then to engineer.  To make it happen.  Without the action or creation it is just a good idea. It is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness.

Social justice occurs where everyone has the capability to fulfil their potential. Acquiring capabilities is a creative process that is best acquired through collaboration.

The world is changing at lightening speed and it can make us feel like we are falling behind.  In the middle of such change how do feel like we can thrive and succeed.  One answer is creativity.  Creativity is our natural God given ability that helps us to flourish instead of just survive.  Imagination and innovation  are desperately needed today in life and in leadership (Ken Wytsma).

Creativity is directly connected to the ability to focus and find inspiration

Ken Wytsma is the founder of The Justice Conference and has just released a new book called Create Vs Copy:  CREATE VS. COPY: EMBRACE CHANGE. IGNITE CREATIVITY. BREAK THROUGH WITH IMAGINATION.  This book can be purchased on Amazon,  just click  on the image:

Ken will be speaking at the launch of SPARC  Justice in Melbourne on the 12th of March 2016.

You can find out more about Ken in an interview that I did with him last year in Melbourne on Sunday Everyday’s  Tuesday Talks.

Lisa Hunt-Wotton


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