Stop It

This is hilarious video clip is a comedic look at a visit to a psychologists office.  The girl in the clip Catherine is hoping that the Doctor  can cure her fear of being buried alive in a box.

This is an old clip that was done on the Bob Newhart show.

The reason why I post his is because sometimes we need to be reminded that we can stop certain behaviours.  Obviously this oversimplifies and mocks the hard work that most of us have to do on a regular basis to get well from various issues.  I just thought that it would be fun to have a Laugh Out Loud moment.

It’s a bit brutal but very very funny.  Sometimes we just need to  “Stop It”.

I love the end ” I don’t like this therapy at all”.  I can’t think of any therapy that I have actually enjoyed.  It’s bloody hard work.  How wonderful if it did only take two words.


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