Over a Million Refugees Reached Europe by Sea in 2015, the U.N. Says

More than 80% landed in Greece, with most of the rest making landfall in Italy



You can also read more about the issue and the work of Samaritans Purse here.

2 Comments on “Over a Million Refugees Reached Europe by Sea in 2015, the U.N. Says

  1. I was on the Greek Island of Lesbos and actually witnessed this human tragedy. Islam has failed its citizens for centuries by failing to provide an economy that allows its people to live a life of dignity. Islam has also failed to produce a government that can stem sectarian violence between Sunni and Shia, plus all the other minor sects of Islam. Thus entire populations are voting with their feet. So anxious are they to escape this mayhem and dysfunction that they take life threatening risks to come to Western democracies that have been built on the foundation of Christian ethics. We should welcome them, and show them just what they have been missing for the past 200 years.


    • I can’t even imagine what the Greek community is going through right now. This is a huge burden. I know that Samaritans Purse are doing incredible work over there. For thousands of desperate refugees, the dangerous first step on their journey to Europe could be their last. Samaritan’s Purse teams are stationed at several primary stops across Europe distributing necessary supplies. hhttp://wp.me/p5aoFr-Ih


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