The Paper Kites are an indie rock-folk band from Melbourne, Australia. The band was formed in 2010 and consists of Sam Bentley, Christina Lacy, Dave Powys, Josh Bentley and Sam Rasmussen.


I met Dave Powys, awesome Bass Guitarist,  in Warrandyte where he was working at the cafe Now and Not Yet as a bloody good barista.  We miss your coffee Dave.  

The last time I chatted with Dave  for ‘Sunday Everyday’  he had just arrived in Seattle to record their second album twelvefour.  Well this new album is getting rave reviews and you can purchase it here on iTunes.  You can read my last interview with Dave here.

They recorded twelvefour back in March 2015  in Seattle with Phil Ek and were in Seattle for about 6 weeks putting the new songs together.

‘Known for their hauntingly intimate folk songs, Australian indie rockers The Paper Kites venture into dramatic new territory on their lush second album, twelvefour. Packed with soaring riffs and irresistible choruses, anthems like “Electric Indigo” and “Revelator Eyes” bring a new intensity to the band’s sound, but The Paper Kites can still break your heart with achingly tender ballads like the “A Silent Cause” and “Neon Crimson”. Poignant and powerful, twelvefour takes you on a deeply emotional journey that’s stunning from start to finish’ (iTunes).

“The songs for the album were written between midnight and 4am, hence the name of the record”.

“The album cover is a neon sign we had made; the night we shot the cover it was pouring down with rain so if you look closely you can see all the drops of rain on the sign. The 12-4 symbol was actually based on a painting Josh’s dad did for us for the album.

The music videos we’re doing for the record are a series of videos all set between the hours of 12-4 too; different characters and different towns but within the same hours. Later on in the year we’ll be releasing a documentary directed by Matthew J Cox on the making of twelvefour that follows the album from concept until finishing it and touring it. It gives a bit more insight into the process behind making a record.

We hope you enjoy the new album, it will be out on VINYL too if you want to hear it like that. We’ll be on the road from October and hope to see you at a show soon!” (The Paper Kites)

Right NOW they are in the middle of their twelve four European/UK  tour.

TourPosterCrop-copyYou can follow them on Face Book or on their Website. 

I highly recommend the new album.


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