Tribes Trauma and Trust

by Vicki Beeching

Published on Nov 13, 2015

Vicky Beeching is an Oxford-educated theologian, broadcaster, keynote speaker, LGBT activist & diversity consultant. 

An out, gay Christian, she works at the intersection of LGBT equality and faith, campaigning to make religion a more welcoming place for LGBT people and allies. 

Her work in this field has been highly regarded, with a Number 3 placement on the Independent’s ‘Rainbow List’, Stonewall’s Hero of the Year nomination, a National Diversity Award nomination for Faith Role Model and the Guardian describing her as “arguably the most influential Christian in her generation” due to the effects her coming out has had on the church in the UK and USA.

Vicki Beeching is a courageous and brilliant communicator.  In this Video, Vicki talks about Tribes, Trauma and Trust.  She talks about home, belonging, being comfortable in her own skin and her journey with homosexuality.

“Home is not the building you live in, home is the place where you feel”.

She recalls sitting in a church service where the pastor got up to speak up about “The Devils plan to destroy humanity was the great evil of homosexuality”.   As a worship pastor she would then often have to get up and sing.  She struggled constantly with her christianity and her sexuality.

Click below to hear message:

This is the Keynote message by Vicky Beeching at the Reformation Project in Kansas City, Saturday, November 7, 2015.


God is the person that I went TO with my pain and suffering rather than away from – this created a great foundation for my future relationship with God and the future trauma that I would suffer.




2 Comments on “Tribes Trauma and Trust

  1. I am a recovering homophobic Pentecostal Christian. And as such I have had to confess my sin and repent. Homosexual people do not choose to be homosexual or even bi sexual, they just are. I have come to understand that being homosexual is not the result of personal sin, but rather the result of living and being affected by this world’s brokenness, which affects us all. The value of a person is never determined by their sexual orientation, but by the quality of their character.

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