The Bible Says What?

Episode 4  Beyond, Behind and Between the text

Can that dusty old leather bound set of scriptures speak any truth into today’s globalised, digitalised, super-sized world? Our sacred texts have come to be so many diverse things, from literal truth to a collection of wisdom. From God’s very words transcribed to humans, to humanity’s attempt to describe the wordless. How we see it matters, for it will determine how we use it (and abuse it), and whether we allow it to have transformative power.

Let the Rev. Dr Merryl Blair and one of the world’s leading Old Testament scholars, Walter Brueggemann, re-open the scriptures for us.

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To find out more about Walter Brueggemann, check out:

Merryl Blair is the Senior Lecturer in the Old Testament at Stirling Theological College. Check out:

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