Everyone else is wrong – its MY idea of God that is closest to the truth, right?!


This week we are exploring the question of whether or not there is only one way to God. 


To help us come at this huge topic we have enlisted the help of not one, but two of the brightest and best in the country: Dave Andrews and Val Webb.


Yes – maybe everyone else is wrong… but maybe we are too

Click here to listen to podcast 


To find out more about Dave Andrews, check out: http://www.daveandrews.com.au or http://wecan.be


To find out more about Val Webb, check out: http://www.valwebb.com.au


Contributors to Episode Three include:


Joel McKerrow – God (used with permission)

Check out http://www.joelmckerrow.com


Heatherlyn – Peace On Earth (used with permission)

Check out http://www.heatherlynmusic.com


Beyondering Theme music created at Got Fink Studios by Caleb Garfinkel

Check out http://www.gotfink.com/


Podcast 3 – Many Ways – Beyond My Idea of God.

Podcast 2: Peace and Justice – Beyond Ourselves

Podcast 01: Beyond what, and to what?

Meet Matt and Lucas

Debbie on Meet Matt and Lucas

Eagle Eye on Podcast 01: Beyond what, and to what?

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