Create Space in Warrandyte

Where can we go on Friday night for dinner? Home and Away – A slam of poetry, music, art and good food and wine.

Next Friday 16th of October 7pm we are launching the Create Space’ studio.  We have decided to do this by hosting a pasta and wine night which will be saturated in art, music, food, wine and culture.  Now and Not Yet is a non for profit cafe in Warrandyte. Create Space studio is in the heart of the cafe so together we are launching this Home and Away event.

PASTA, WINE, SLAM POETRY, MUSIC, ART: EQUALS AN ‘Incredible Friday Night Out’.

‘Home and Away’ – Art and Wine night with award winning performance poets: Joel McKerrow, Cameron Semmens.

Indie Band IRIS, Artists Liezel Van Der Linde and Gabby Willmott.  AND all of our artists have been working on new and original pieces around the topic of Home and Away which will be on display and for sale on the night.

DON’T miss this event. Book through Sticky Tickets ‘Home and Away’ through sticky tickets: Event Link:

Why Home and Away?

Well Cameron has written a book of poetry about ‘The Poetry of Home’, and Joel McKerrow has written a book called ‘These Wandering Feet’, the stories of a travelling pilgrim away from home.  SO we thought it would be nice to ask these two to do a slam off – one championing Home one championing Away.  Cameron has alluded to the fact that he may sing the theme song to Home and Away but that’s about the closest we will get to the TV show.

We are very excited to have the Indie band Iris with us on the night – IRIS is the whisper of autumn leaves under your boots, a bellow from the top of a mountain, and a free fall through an open sky.  Official music video out now

What is Create Space?

About March this year Derek Bradshaw who runs the ‘Now and Not Yet Cafe’ approached me and asked if I would like to do something with the empty studio in the middle of the cafe.  Hmmm…… Having just come out of an intense role as Creative Director  in a large organisation, I was actually enjoying my space.  I had just started the blog Sunday Everyday, in fact I was in the cafe writing for the blog a few days a week which is how I met Derek and the team.

Anyway, how does an artist turn down the use of a studio.


A free studio.

I live in Warrandyte and absolutely adore it.

Warrandyte has a unique history and love affair with artists.  Boarded on one side by the picturesque Yarra River and hemmed in with towering  Eucalypts and Australian bush reserves it is an appealing tourist destination and is a very creative space.  “With its natural beauty and stunning stretch of the Yarra river running through the township, Warrandyte built its reputation as an artist’s haven over the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Artists from the Heidelberg School resided and painted in the area, and potters found communal residencies at the famous “Potters Cottage”. (Warrandyte Artists)
This significant artistic heritage continues to influence the social and cultural character of Warrandyte today, with many artists still attracted to live in and practice their arts in Warrandyte.

So I decided to put out some feelers to my friends and colleagues and give it a go.  We came up with the name “Create Space” and decided to pick up the vision of Warrandyte and encourage art to grow and flourish in this space.  Community engagement is one of our core values.

Create Space is an artist run collaboration that aims to create community and shared experiences for artists based in the Melbourne Warrandyte area.  We currently have around 11 artists who use this space.  The vision is that is be an interactive space where patrons of the cafe can interact, watch what is developing and also either commission or purchase pieces.

We have artists working in: oil, acrylic, glass and photography.  We also have several musicians who busk on the weekends, a sculptor and on the first Saturday of each month we have a pop up shop by a local “Littletreez” who makes exquisite baby wear.  We also offer Art Therapy sessions and Art Classes. The cafe is also home to poets, writers and many business owners who come to the cafe to write and work and collaborate.  The Cafe has a great vibe and is a safe place to work and hang out.

What better way to showcase all of this great talent than to work together on a project and launch our vision.

We have so many plans and ideas percolating through our veins, our only problem, is Warrandyte big enough to hold them all.

Last night we just finished an incredible graffiti piece in the cafe.  We were fortunate enough to connect with an international graffiti artist who although declines to use her name, did agree to use her talents.  I learned so much working with this amazing creature.  She even uses spray paint made from sugar? Yes.  Too funny.


So why don’t you come and visit we would love to see you.  The cafe is 148 Yarra Street Warrandyte Victoria.

AND even better, why don’t you book for the event and meet all the artists and people involved.



by Liezel Van der Linde


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