An Introduction to Beyondering.

What is Beyondering?

For the next 10 weeks we will be partnering with Matt Cutler and Lucas Taylor from Beyondering.  Our Thursdays which are usually devoted to Theological articles will for this season shift to podcast.  Matt Cutler and Lucas Taylor speak with local and international guests to explore difficult faith questions.  Beyondering have some pretty amazing interviews coming up and I am very excited to partner with them in this exciting venture.  Beyondering will air the podcast on a Wednesday – links below – and we post the same podcast on the Thursday.  With Love Lisa.

The Beyondering Podcast seeks to connect listeners with a range of voices in exploring authentic, liberating and open-hearted faith for today’s world. 

To come Beyondering means:

· Asking the taboo questions

· Engaging faith without disengaging your brain

· Seeking out-of-the-box perspectives and diverse wells of wisdom already present within the Christian tradition

· Discovering that your questions & doubt are doorways into deeper faith

· Critiquing the Christian tradition – realising you don’t have to throw out the baby Jesus with the holy bath water

· Looking for authentic, integrated and loving forms of faith – fit for the unique challenges of life today

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Who are Matt Cutler and Lucas Taylor?

Lucas Taylor:   Having been unable to land his dream job of becoming the sound effect guy on Australia’s Funniest Home Video show, Lucas is keen to use this podcast project to make up for lost ground. His gifts include a sharp intellect, an incredible memory, quick-draw wit, exceptional pun-making and a having a voice capable of registering two octaves below the average man.

Matt Cutler: Matt Cutler has recently developed an amazingly consistent ability to get people’s names wrong… really wrong, and important people too…
…like our podcast guests.

To their faces.

It’s a good thing he asks such good questions and has such an ability to draw people to dig deep into how we tick and what makes life meaningful.
I don’t think many guests noticed.
Except Dave Hughes Andrews.
He totally noticed, but he was really gracious about it.
We all just ignored it and pretended it didn’t happen. Though Dave left shortly after.

“Episode One – Beyond what and to what?

An intro to Beyondering.

In this episode you will meet your hosts Matt and Lucas and be taken on a whirlwind tour through what is in store for Season One of the Beyondering Podcast. Hear what the concept of beyondering is all about, why its so important and hear a sneak preview of some of the amazing guests lined up for this season.”


You can connect with Matt and Lucas on:

Twitter: @gobeyondering (

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Love Lisa

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