Whoop…..Holiday time with my husband and two small children in Northern Victoria on the Murray River upstream of Echuca.   It was a gorgeous summer day and I was spending some time in prayer, when a very strong  impression came into my Spirit.

 “Call Ruby and tell her to get rid of the crystal”.  I’m like What??

This was a strange thing to me 20 years ago,  so I ignored it.

The next day the same thing.  “Call Ruby and tell her to get rid of the crystal”!  What are you saying God.  Do you really expect me to call Ruby and what… just randomly say “Oh .. hey Ruby, by the way, do you have a crystal?  AND …….Well if you do you need to get rid of it.  Why? Well cause, um…. God told me to tell you to and I’ll talk to you in a month or so when I get out of the straight jacket”?

So began this inner dialogue with the Lord.

“Lord, she will think I’m crazy.  What if she doesn’t have a crystal?  What if she does have a crystal but really loves it and doesn’t want to get rid of it”?

On morning of the third day as I was waking up from a deep sleep;  “Call Ruby and tell her to get rid of the Crystal”.  Arghhhh….. I piled the pillows over my head and disappeared under the covers.  Okay Lord.  I’ll call.  I’m going to look stupid but I’ll do it.  So I dialled the number and this is how the conversation went.


Ruby:  Hi Lisa,  I thought you were on holidays?

Lisa:   Yes I am… (small talk for a couple of minutes).  umm Ruby,  I know you will thing that this is a little strange and well it is but…. I was praying the other day and I heard…. umm well I felt like… Well.. Ruby do you happen to have a crystal in the house? (chicken)

Ruby:  Yes, how on earth did you know that?

Lisa:  Well, I know this sounds crazy but I kind of felt from God that you had a crystal and that you needed to get rid of it ASAP.  I’m sorry, please don’t think I’m a weirdo.

Ruby:  Are you kidding.  I wish you had called me three days ago.  Three days ago I was cleaning up in the kitchen when the doorbell rang and this weird old lady was at the door.  She handed me this velvet pouch and said that there was a crystal inside the pouch, that I was to take it out when I got inside and put it in the ‘centre of the home’.  She said that it was a powerful stone which was to help strengthen my marriage.  So I did what she said,  it is so pretty.  But, ever since that day Eric and I have not stopped arguing,  I mean apocalyptic arguing.  It got so bad that Eric has moved out temporarily and is staying with his brother.   Lisa I don’t know what’s going on.  Now you call and say you know about the crystal and that I should throw it away.  Why didn’t you call earlier?  hang on……phone goes quiet and I can hear her steps walking up the polished floor boards of the corridor.  Then she was back.

Lisa:   Where did you go?

Ruby:  Well I threw it out in the rubbish bin out on the nature strip.  Lisa, what the hell is going on and how did you know?

Lisa:  Well I’m not sure why that happened but I do know that God cared about you enough to make me call you and tell you that it was dangerous and that you needed to get rid of it.

The next day, Eric moved back home.  This opened up a doorway to many ongoing conversations about Jesus and spirituality.  Ten years later they both became Christ followers and they have a strong beautiful marriage.  This story was a small part of their journey of Jesus calling them and loving them and using me to show them who Jesus was and that he loved and cared for them very much.  The crystal was used to point the way to Christ.

Now the question that you are all asking.  Are Crystals Evil?  Are Crystals and Sacred stones part of the new age movement? Do crystals have good energy, bad energy, no energy?

I get asked these questions all the time.  In my opinion, I believe that sacred stones, crystals and gems are the bones of the earth.  They were designed and put there by God the creator.  They are his design and are a reflection of  his beauty and are primarily on this earth to point us to Him.  Of course they can be used for evil as well.  If you believe in God you have to believe in Satan.  God has plans to prosper us and to not harm us (Jeremiah 29:11).  Satan also has plans for us and they are to create havoc and chaos  “Satan will not outsmart us for we are familiar with his evil schemes” (2 Corinthians 2:11).   The deciever  also likes to subvert what is designed for good and use it for bad.

Are Crystals and sacred stones beautiful and intriguing.  Absolutely and by themselves there is absolutely nothing wrong with them. My husband and I have talked in length about this.  There is a precious stone and crystal store down the road from us in Warrandyte  called ‘She Earth’.  I  went in a few weeks before Christmas to meet the neighbours and to chat with them about their stones and gems because my step father collects them and I wanted to buy him a gift for Christmas.

This was my husbands reaction –  “I can’t believe you went into that witchcraft store”.

What!!!  Why on earth would you think this way?

I answered.  “Actually the stone and gems in there are incredibly beautiful, and they have amazing stories attached to them.  I was  fascinated and intrigued.  I felt complete peace in that store and the gemologists that I met there were beautiful sweet ladies.  I feel offended that you call it a place of witchcraft.  Did you know that one of the first exercises that apprentice witches are required to do is to summon a spirit through a mirror.  In fact,  my sister stayed in a house with friends who are practising witches.  Whilst she was there she actually saw spirits in the bathroom mirror.  It freaked her out, she had nightmares and had to leave the next morning.  Does that mean that we get rid of all the mirrors in our house”?

The point is not the object but what is done to the object or what the object is used for.  You can curse things.  This does happen, it is real and can be very powerful as illustrated in the story above.   Jesus says that He has overcome the world, He also says that we have the power to overcome.  Why, because the same spirit that had the power to raise Christ from the dead lives within us (Rom 8:11).  We do not need to live in fear.  John, the disciple of Jesus, says that we can test the spirits (1 John 4).  We should be able to know  and discern the spirits (Hebrews 5:13-14).   If we don’t know Jesus will tell us.  As he did me.  He does care, he warns us and protects us just as we would want to warn and protect our children.

Geode slices

But what about Sacred Stones and Crystals? 

I’ve  asked Jay Jeffries to talk to us some more about this topic and she does so beautifully on page 261 in her incredible book ‘Awaken the Spirit’ which I highly recommend.  I interviewed Jay about her new book ‘Awaken the Spirit’ on Friday the 6th Feb if you would like to read the interview on Sunday Everyday

Here is what Jay says about Sacred Stones and Crystals………

“Over the centuries people have been captivated by crystals.  They often have been seen as channels for healing, spiritual growth, peace and the balancing of mind-body spirit.  Crystals are described in the book of revelation as part of the beauty of the heavenly city, the perfect city which represents God’s presence with humanity.    They highlight how beautiful the presence of God dwelling with humanity will be.  They also reveal Gods great character and the magnitude of power God possess.  Perhaps one of the most important features of the city were the walls of jasper.  This jasper was ‘clear as crystal’, like the heavenly waters, to allow God’s great splendour to shine throughout the stones. The stones remind us that God will be faithful to the promises made long ago.  That God will build a heavenly city with crystal gates, and walls, and streets paved with precious stones.

Despite popular belief, the Sacred Texts are not opposed to crystals.  They do, however, call people to give credit to their Creator, by inferring that it was God who created the crystals.  Many seek deeper power and cleaning from the stones; however, the Sacred Tests suggest that when we look through the stones and into the light, we are actually being led to see the face of God, in all its beauty and healing power.  It concludes that it is God who created the balance of mind, body and spirit and who channels healing into the soul.

The ancient pagan cultures used to wear amulets to protect themselves from negative energy, and sickness, and to ward off dark forces.  In the Sacred Texts, God’s concern is to get people to look beyond the amulets or stones as sources of healing or protection, and look at the Creator as their source.  God the Creator brings the deeper healing and ultimate protection from negative energy and life forces.  The strength of the stones is that they lead people to see God’s extraordinary beauty and power.  They lead people back to God for purification and healing”.

Thanks Jay I love this very balanced and deeply theological explanation.  I hope that this article opens up a new way to think about crystals and sacred stones.    We must always remember to operate out of love and not fear.  Yet we often fear what we do not understand.  In this topic as in everything on this blog, let’s start a conversation and dig a bit deeper.  When we do this we often find God in the most unexpected places.  Let me know your thoughts, but don’t stone me.  LOL
Recommended  Reading

Awaken the Spirit, The Sacred Texts of Jesus.  (2014 )

Amethyst Books, Australia http://www.awakenthespiritbook.com https://www.facebook.com/AwakenTheSpiritBook

Available at Koorong Bookstores.

11 Comments on “Crystals and Sacred Stones: Not so spooky

  1. There is absolutely nothing wrong with crystals or stones.The problem is where you get it from. The devil is so desperate to hinder our lives. Let’s say you buy the crystal from regular people who just are fascinating by stones, nothing is wrong with that. But the problem is we don’t know where the store got the stones from originally. I bought hundreds of dollars worth of stones to sell. The people I got them from bought them from Brazil. They are not into so call healing stones. They are called bartsky minerals. They just tell you the purity of the stone. If we buy these stones and invite wrong people in our house I guess they can use it for evil unless we place them under the blood of Jesus like every thing else in our lives. I honestly don’t want anything in my house that people use for witchraft. It’s just going to stay in my mind ad make me uncomfortable.


  2. Just found you while reading 2 Kings 17-18 and looked up “sacred stones”.. Great blog! I have been born again many years, and at times,some of my church friends will question my collection of minerals and crystals,or my collection of African masks—seems they have put a meaning to them that I do not subscribe to.. they are just objects to me,not spiritual. And since no one has phoned me yet to tell me one of them is a problem..I will just enjoy them for what they are. 🙂

    Blessings like rain, Tricia Boucha


    • Hi Tricia, so great to hear from you. I love your salutation, ‘blessings like rain’. Very refreshing.
      I’m glad you found the article. Yes some people can get a little strange about things.
      Be blessed my friend. Love Lisa.


    • As long as your life is not being hindered in anyway you are fine. I want to advice you to be careful with African masks. Some mask are idols in Africa. I’m from Africa and I know. Please just be very careful. I just felt in my heart to warn you.


  3. A great article Lisa. Love the comment, ‘to get people to look beyond the amulets or stones as sources of healing or protection, and look at the Creator as their source’. Must remember that for the next time it pops up in conversation!


  4. It is when we assign belief to the inanimate that there seems to be problems. For example, a good luck ‘something’ or a healing ‘something’.

    You could swap something for anything, perhaps crystal, mirror or even a spoon or washboard.

    If something becomes a nexus or a focus of unbounded belief then it runs the risk of getting subverted.

    Cheers Megan


  5. Great post Lis!! Always so much mystery around crystals etc. but I’m glad you take all the spook out and explain it for what it is. Love ur writings xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

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