Justice, through the eyes of Artists. Friday Arts Day.

At the recent ‘Justice Conference’ in Melbourne, Artists from Tabor College were encouraged to prepare a piece of work on the topic of Justice and its personal implications for them as Artists.  Michelle Sanders runs this course and with the help of lecturer Jennifer Koch and some students  set up a powerful display of Art Work for the conference delegates to view, ponder and be challenged by.

About Tabor Arts: The Bachelor of Arts course is built on the understanding that social and personal values and faith shape social and workplace communities, cultures and families. The course draws on a number of particular disciplines to explicate and explore how these have contributed to and drawn from faith and values in various contexts. The student is encouraged to develop an understanding of the integration and interplay of Christian faith, knowledge and social justice.

This post on Friday Arts Day will show some of the Art Work that was on display at the conference. I apologise in advance as my photographic skills do no do justice to the work. DSCF0563

Hope by Lisa Grant.  Micah 6:8

If you can, I recommend that you set aside some time to ponder the work as a visual act of worship.  Think deeply about what this work resonates in you and what Justice means to you.

Charcoal drawing of the smashed pot is an installation by Joy Marshall, Robyn Elliott and Dave Goldsmith DSCF0525 DSCF0578


Poppy is by Joy Marshall

DSCF0614Tim Sharp                                             Joanna BeckDSCF0613

DSCF0552    by Michelle Sanders

Girl with skipping rope by Jennifer Koch  
Baby in back pack by Cymone Levell        



Justice by Michelle Sanders 

DSCF0519 Hands of Hope (Poem and Painting by Robyn Elliot)

Dark, black despair

In light, is life there?

Alone I cannot climb

out of chains and mire.

My hands, outstretched.

God, light and life to bring

In Jesus, servant King.

The one of hope will I too serve?

Stretched out hand

and help the hopeless

to stand in life and dignity.


Indigenous people – Jennifer Koch

DSCF0553Michelle Sanders  – Gods Heart.  

Jesus is found in BROKENNESS and the place of a broken heart.


Shades of Grey by Tim Sharp

I wanted to explore the concept of the western way of life beng propped up by a faceless and invisible underbelly of slavery. DSCF0535  Justice and Faith by Gail Giletti

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