Welcome to Wednesday What is it? 

  • What is the link between us and others?
  • What is it that links Sexuality and Spirituality?
  • Why do we compartmentalise these two vital aspects of our lives?

This is the second 4 min video on Sexuality and Spirituality by Deb Hirsch.

Debra Hirsch has led churches and ministries among the poor and the LGBT community in Australia and America for over twenty years. Deb is coauthor of Untamed: Reactivating a Missional Form of Discipleship with Alan Hirsch. She formerly served on the leadership team of the Forge Missions Training Network and Christian Associates International and on the steering team for the Missio Alliance.

You can find Debra Hirsch on Twitter: @debrahirsch

“We must lead with our embrace, not our theology.”

Deb and I worked on some material several years ago for a service that I produced at CityLife Church Knox in Melbourne.  We wanted people to understand that there is a link between Sexuality and Spirituality.  This understanding shifts the way you think about sexuality.

  • In this video message Deb talks to us about how the link between sexuality and spirituality is a real problem for Christians who tend to compartmentalise their sexuality and spirituality and the two never seem to meet.
  • The early church fathers had a very unhealthy image of sexuality and this dualistic approach has somehow been passed down to where we are today.
  • God gave us our sexuality, it is a healthy expression of who we are and we need to be more free in the way that we relate to one another.
  • Bonhoeffer talks about Jesus being the mediator between us and every other person.

Enjoy.  Love Lisa

Part One of Sexuality and Spirituality by Deb Hirsch can be found here: http://wp.me/p5aoFr-gx

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REDEEMING SEX: Naked Conversations About Sexuality and Spirituality by Debra Hirsch (Author), Gabe Lyons (Foreword)  available for pre order.

  • Release on the 15th May

Nothing has exposed the gap between the church and the broader society quite like the cultural argument over sexuality. Relationships, identities, orientations and even seemingly straightforward concepts such as gender have cut battle lines between the church and the world. In the fog of war and the cloud of conflict, it’s increasingly hard to see our way clearly. There is hope, however. Debra Hirsch has seen it firsthand—in meaningful lifelong relationships with LGBT friends and neighbors, in Christian fellowships and in movements that have held a concern for people created in God’s image and a high view of the Bible’s teaching on sexuality in constructive tension.

The Jesus Creed:  Loving God and Loving Others by Scot McKnight

Winner of the 2005 Christianity Today Book Award

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2 Comments on “Sexuality and Spirituality – ‘The Link’ by Deb Hirsch.

  1. I too was not taught anything about sacred spirituality led by the Holy Spirit. I had no idea about experiencing God’s Presence in my body until I started to have encounters. I let go of all the theological teaching from religion and let Holy Spirit teach me! My theology is Jesus! The Holy Spirit is my helper, teacher, guide and so much more!; the anointing teaches us everything, is true and no lie (1 John 2:26-27). I have found that God teaches us about himself, helps us to get him know him better, increasing our intimacy with him by being different things to us in various seasons of our journey to becoming one with him again! I knew him first as savior, deliverer, healer, and transformer. Mind-blowing! Then I began to know him as husband or spouse and he does not disappoint unlike human spouses! I then began to know him as Father and his protection and provision has been awesome. Trust has blossomed! Now he is helping me to get to know him as King of Glory and I am in awe and wonder of his Fire and Spirit and Glory Presence! God is amazingly, stunningly, exceedingly abundantly more than we could ever ask or imagine!


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