Friday Arts Day:  Book Review
Brilliant New Book by Deb Hirsch 
Redeeming Sex: Naked Conversations on Sexuality and Spirituality  

** I Highly Recommend this**  The link for order/purchase is at the bottom of the post – click on the book.

 Let’s Get Naked

Boldly going where other church leaders fear to tread, Debra Hirsch offers a number of shifts in Redeeming Sex that could, if embraced, go a long way toward rehabilitating the church’s terrible track record with sexuality, especially when it comes to interactions with the LGBT community. Hirsch knows whereof she speaks; not only did she once self-identify as a lesbian, but also she has spent the last twenty-five years in ministry wrestling with questions of what biblical sexuality might look like in the lives of very real and broken people.

  • Nothing has exposed the gap between the church and the broader society quite like the cultural argument over sexuality.

Relationships, identities, orientations and even seemingly straightforward concepts such as gender have cut battle lines between the church and the world. In the fog of war and the cloud of conflict, it’s increasingly hard to see our way clearly. There is hope, however. Debra Hirsch has seen it firsthand—in meaningful lifelong relationships with LGBT friends and neighbors, in Christian fellowships and in movements that have held a concern for people created in God’s image and a high view of the Bible’s teaching on sexuality in constructive tension. When you consider the world from the perspective of God’s kingdom mission, it turns out the smoke clears and a redemptive imagination takes root.

  • Discover a holistic, biblical vision of sex and gender that honors God and offers good news to the world.
Debra Hirsch has led churches and ministries among the poor and the LGBT community in Australia and America for over twenty years. Deb is coauthor of Untamed: Reactivating a Missional Form of Discipleship with Alan Hirsch. She formerly served on the leadership team of the Forge Missions Training Network and Christian Associates International and on the steering team for the Missio Alliance.

“We must lead with our embrace not with our theology”

“When Jesus asks us to love our neighbor he is asking us to put our preformed attitudes to the side, to suspend judgment so that we might simply encounter them as they present themselves to us.”

“A proper sexual ethic doesn’t deny the fact that we are sexual beings; it develops a framework for the good expression of our good sexuality. . . . Suppressing sexuality doesn’t help anyone; transformation starts with acceptance and integration.” “Looking to Jesus as our sexual model forces us to move beyond our fixation with genital sexuality to a much broader view of human sexuality, one that includes non-genital intimacy.”

“For many in the younger generation it’s not necessarily as much about correct doctrine as it is about correct loving. . . . Our younger people are being forced to choose between what appears to be a bad-tempered church (which their parents represent) and their LGBT friends.”

“Homosexual people are in the end just people: their story and their struggles are essentially no different from yours and mine. They, like all bearers of God’s image, are worthy of dignity and respect.”

You can find Debra Hirsch on Twitter: @debrahirsch
Redeeming Sex: Naked Conversations About Sexuality and Spirituality
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