Inspired by this vision, TEAR launched a new initiative in 2014 – forTomorrow.During TEAR’s more than 40 years of engaging with Australian Christians, we have always hoped to provide a prophetic contribution to the body of Christ.As Walter Brueggemann (Christian theologian) says in his book ‘Prophetic Imagination’:

“Dominant messages lead people to despair about the power to move toward new life. It is the task of the prophetic imagination and ministry to bring people to engage the promise of newness that is at work in our history with God.”

TEAR’S new forTomorrow campaign is our humble attempt to encourage and serve the Australian Church to engage with God’s promise of newness. This is our invitation to imagination.

Our hope is that this campaign invites fresh imagination from the church – creative, hope-filled and biblical imagination.

Because once again as Brueggemann laments:

“Imagination must come before implementation. Our culture is competent to implement almost anything and to imagine almost nothing.”

Yet the ‘word’ must become flesh – action and implementation are required. At TEAR, we are reminded of this each day as we listen to the stories and needs of our partner organisations and the communities they seek to serve.

But where do we start?

So how do we turn visions of tomorrow into actions today? Where do we start when confronted by the myriad of issues and challenges that confront our world now? For TEAR, we always seek to go back to our partners around the world and ask them what the primary issues they are facing are. When we did this recently, what arose were the twin topics of Women and Poverty and also Climate Change. While the overall theme and vision of forTomorrow will, we hope, continue for many years to come, the particular topics that we explore within this theme will change. Right now we are focusing on Women and Poverty and also Climate Change.

Climate Change

TEAR also believes that God’s new tomorrow involves the restoration and the putting to rights of the whole created order. That’s why we are committed to also speaking out and acting for a better environment. TEAR’s international partners are increasingly witnessing the impacts of human-induced climate change on their communities and environments today. In a very real sense, we know that we can advocate and act today in ways that will help create a better tomorrow for people living in poverty. Yet we also know that our actions today exist as signposts for God’s future tomorrow. This is powerfully summed up by the words of Isaiah:

“And if you spend yourselves on behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday. (Isaiah 58:10)”

We’re inviting and encouraging Australian Christians to join with us, raise their voices in solidarity with women and men and take action today for a better tomorrow of justice, hope and peace for all.

To learn more visit: Target Magazine or

Women and Poverty

As part of our organisational ethos, TEAR Australia aims to support projects that are working with people who suffer most from poverty and marginalisation. As a result, the vast majority of our partners’ community development projects have women as a focus – whether it is through Self-Help Groups, savings cooperatives, literacy courses, community health training, water projects or economic development. We do this by working with both women and men – whole communities – to tackle the root causes of poverty.


Justice can’t come soon enough: seek tomorrow, act today. Join the movement!

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