Tuesday Talks with Dr Victoria Dunckley

Reset Your Childs Brain by Victoria Dunckley:  
I encourage you to watch the 3 min video of Dr Dunckley talking about the impact of screens on a child’s brain .

Dr. Victoria L. Dunckley is an integrative child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist, author, and speaker with a focus on addressing modern-day environmental factors to optimize mental health and minimize the need for psychotropic medication.  

She has contributed as a mental health expert for various online, radio, and television programs, including the Today show, NBC Nightly News, and  Investigative Discovery. She’s also served as a forensic consultant in criminal cases involving video game addiction, and actively blogs for Psychology Today

Reset Your Child’s Brain

Do you have a child struggling with emotional, learning, or behavioral issues? 

Because electronic screen media overstimulates  and stresses the nervous system, it tends to cause high levels of arousal which shuts down the brain’s frontal lobe. Both acutely and over time, numerous changes occur, including alterations in brain chemistry, hormones, blood flow, the body clock, and electrical excitability. 

The end result is that everyday use of screen-time–particularly the interactive kinds associated with video games, internet use, texting, using an iPad, and so on–can mimic or exacerbate virtually any psychiatric disorder.  This in turn leads to rampant misdiagnosis and inappropriate use of medication.

For over a decade, Dr. Dunckley has utilized the Reset Program–a prescribed and strict electronic fast– to clarify diagnosis, optimize treatment and minimize the need for medication. Learn about the physiological impact of electronics use and what you can do to get your child back on track.

Victoria Dunckley has just released a new book on this subject called “Reset Your Childs Brain”.  You can click on the image to purchase through Amazon or go to:


Doidge, Norman.  “The Brain That Changes Itself: Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science”.  Click the book to purchase through Amazon.

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