Friday Arts Day:  With Cameron Semmens

You Bring the Story, I Bring the Coffee

Cameron is a Melbourne-based, award-winning poet, entertainer, poetry educator, with 16 books and 4 CDs of his poetry published to date. He makes his living through words: running workshops, book designing and performing live throughout Australia. Cameron is a ‘Vision Artist’ with World Vision Australia. He lives in the Dandenong Ranges with his wife Sonya and their two young children.

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As a teenager he discovered a love for words and a surprising capacity for public speaking which soon flared into performance poetry.

I met Cameron about 6 years ago through at an event that I attended.  Since then I’ve booked Cameron for many gigs that I’ve worked on over the years and have always been handstand happy with his ability to engage an audience and take you on a journey of laughter and deep thought.

Cameron is just an all round amazing guy, incredibly talented, humble and happy with the required touch of eccentric.

Cam has just launched a new book called: “10 Poems That Could Really Help You Through a Tough Spot”.

  • So you’re in a tough spot, a rough place?
  • You need some consolation and inspiration?
  • Then this little book is just for you.
  • 50 pages of encouragement;
  • 10 poems, beautifully presented;

1 gift of a book – for yourself or that friend in need.

Published by Crooked Nose Wisdom, May 2015.

Here, today, Cam is sharing just one of the poems from his new book.


You Bring The Story, I Bring The Coffee

When someone says

“It’s a long story…”

It’s probably not that long.

It’s quite likely

they’ve just never had the chance

to fully tell it out

– spell it out –

follow its twists and turns

all the way to the sea.

When someone says

“No words can describe…”

They might be surprised

how much can be



called upon

and thrown into relief

with words.

Tell them –

“Hey, just start talking.

I’m listening.”

Their long story

may finally drain into the great ocean

of history.

And the indescribable

– that weighty blackness –

might just be



and lightened.

Cam says about this poem:

I’ve always wanted my words to be helpful – too feed into society, and be nutritious. I’ve always sought to be constructive with my art, rather than destructive. I’ve always sought clarity, over obscurity, in my poetry. I see myself as a ‘pop’ poet – accessible – but not superficial. I don’t like resting in the known, or the given, I like to find new words to say the same old stuff; and old words to express those fresh personal insights… is that too arty?

  • Do you get me?
  • Are you with me?
  • Basically… I believe in the power of words to change the world.
  • Do you?

Cameron will be performing at Now and Not Yet Cafe in Warrandyte on October 16th 2015 at 7pm in a poetry slam called “Home and Away” with Joel McKerrow.  Go to Sticky Tickets: to find out more and to book. Pasta, Arts and Wine night.

Books: Available for purchase at

• Ice Skating in The Taj Mahal: a totally NON-depressing look at poverty in poems you’ll want to share, 2014.

• Through the Lover’s Window: The Trials and Treasures of Love and Loving, 2008

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