Friday Arts Day
The ‘Creative Space’ – it’s happening.  –  Lisa Hunt-Wotton

The ‘Creative Space’ at Now & Not Yet in Warrandyte Victoria.

A few months ago, I was approached by Derek Bradshaw from ‘Now & Not Yet’, a cafe in Warrandyte, to think about creating a ‘Creative Space’ within the cafe.  Hmmm let me think about that?

The Cafe had a vacant studio in the middle of the cafe.  The idea being that we have artist in residence and also art for sale.  No hire charge for the space.  An artists dream.


So I put the word out and started chatting to people.  We now have about 10 artists working in the ‘Creative Space’.  All of these artists come in when they can, some more often than others, to work and play, connect and drink coffee.  So many of us were working from studios at home which is great at times but can also be very isolating.

Now we have a baby community of like minded mystics and muses creating and encouraging each others work and lives.

A nice diversity of talent is arising in this space.  Photographer – Josh Stuchbery, Ceramic Artist – Judith Hoffman, Fine Artists – Liezel Van der Linde, Gabby Willmott and Jozal Haddad, Pencil and Pen Artist –  Amy Richards, Glass Artists – Andrea Gueck and Francine Kelsall, Mixed Media – Lisa.

Here is some of the work that is happening:

10469225_995975837081911_1984792721819236271_nGabby Willmott

11214175_408326719350483_2033789341103622626_nLiezel Van der Linde

11401488_914841088583612_5867229360053296111_n     11329882_914841018583619_3730764940692237762_n 11754104_925094167558304_8669900664370367659_n  Andrea Glück and Francine Kelsall

11666096_914841121916942_7355523556892728587_nJozel Haddad

322155_10150596266881462_962323717_o 420237_10150565796141462_1019736379_nJosh Stuchbery

Also on a Tuesday nights I’ve been running an Art Therapy Class..  This has been so much fun, we have been working on  self regulation and relaxation through the medium of art.  New classes will be commencing in October.


The cafe is a vision of Derek and the Baptist Union.  Those who understand the true meaning of the ’emerging church’ would call it such. The people and the space is a safe place for community to connect, chat and care for each other.  It is a not for profit cafe and it is designed so that the profit goes back into the community.

The concept of being a ‘presence’ in the community is so refreshing, natural and organic.  I have made so many connections with like minded people.

I eat way too much of Gwen’s amazing cooking (if the brownies or lemon slice are there grab them NOW).  I love my deep chats with Howie and our barista Dave Powie (from the Paper Kites)  tries to get us to grind our own coffee (in- joke).  Matt – well lets just say he has an obsession with noughts and crosses, Liezel and I laugh and laugh when we should be working, and Derek has the music up way too loud (4.oopm wind up).

Please come in and say hi if you are in the area.  148 Yarra Street Warrandyte.  If you are an artist who would like to join in the fun, let me know.

Love Lisa.

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Thanks for considering.

Love Lisa

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