One Woman’s Story of Domestic Violence by Lisa Hunt-Wotton and Satu Myers

In late March 2015 I published a story on ‘Tuesday Talks’ by a courageous and beautiful soul, Satu Myers.  This was a raw and honest look at the story of a survivor of domestic violence you can read it here: Satu Myers Story.

The following week on the 7th of April I published a story about a model that psychologists use to help us understand the dynamics of family abuse and it explains why people often stay in abusive relationships.  It is called The Shark Cage and you can read it here from the link. I highly recommend that you acquaint yourself with the dynamics of abuse because this brilliant model outlines the reasons why so many of us put up with abuse.  We owe it to the two women a week in Australia who are killed in violent family situations.  We owe it to ourselves to try to understand.

Today I am showing a powerful 7 min video of Satu telling her story in more detail.  Satu does an incredible job of talking about her experience and the experience of her children of living with a violent and abusive husband.  She talks about Domestic Violence being a cycle of power and control, abuse and violence.

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2 Comments on “One Woman’s Story of Domestic Violence

  1. Thank you for sharing so honestly. Wow… what a story. It is important to tell stories like this to help people understand why women stay in violent relationships. Brave

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