The Tragically Short Lifespan of Outrage

Thanks for this. Its very sad and very true.

john pavlovitz


“True… lengthy, but true.”

I received this comment on one of my blog posts this week.

The post was less than 700 words long.

That’s 5 Tweets.

The stranger’s sentiments worried me when I saw them for the first time, and yesterday as I stared at the churning flood of social media anguish and outrage in the aftermath of the Charleston church shooting, that worry soon turned to anticipatory grief for what I know is coming so very quickly: the death of that anguish and outrage.

In a day or two (or at most a week) we will all have moved on to the next trending hashtag, the latest sharable meme, the most current horrible event around which to craft clever, witty, cutting platitudes—and we’ll all fool ourselves into believing we actually give a damn as we do.

And maybe we really do.

Maybe we do give a damn about Charleston; about the innocent victims and their families, about divided communities and historic…

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