Tuesday Talks with John and Olive Drane

In this clip John and Olive Drane are chatting about the course structure that they teach at Fuller Theological Seminary in California – Conversations on Theology and the Arts.

The structure of the course is built on the idea that we all have different rooms in our lives.

The idea of Gods house mirroring our homes.  Looking at the different rooms and spaces in our lives?

Cyber space, virtual reality, the street, environment, culture, church, home.
  • How do we bring all of this together?
  • What does it mean for us to be spiritual in the 21st century?
  • How does that connect in the wider culture?
  • What does mission and ministry look like in the 21st century.
We are made in the image of God.  We have 5 different senses and we need to integrate this into our lives and work with God.
This is how we understand new depths in God.  Theological reflection is being aware of who we are, how are our lives developing and connecting with both sides of our brain.
  • Who does God want me to be and what does that mean?
  • How does my faith and who I am becoming as a person reflect on those around me?
Life is visual and tactile.  Words and communication are just half the picture.
What does church and worship look like in a counter culture world?  Over the years worship has become noisier and noisier.  How do we become counter culture in a world that is noisy and full of chatter?

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