This is a great article by John Pavlovitz on Silence in regard to relationships. I find that this more common than we realise. I would call it passive aggressive behaviour. Have a read and let me know what you think.

john pavlovitz

Over the last few months as I’ve talked with people reeling from the devastation of fractured relationships, those standing beneath the painful fallout of lost and broken friendships, marriages, and family bonds; a simple but tragic truth keeps repeating itself:

Words can be really cruel, but they can’t hold a candle to silence.

The beginnings of the stories I hear every day are often so very different, but they all eventually resolve to the same place; stated or unstated disagreement—and then disconnection.

Once in possession of the disapproval of the choices or words or beliefs of another, the other person chooses not to yell or argue or confront, but simply disappears.

They make no grand exits with impressive speeches, they just quietly slip away and go incommunicado.

Whether those delivering this silence realize it or not, it is frequently the most vicious kind of attack because it makes one person do the work specifically designed to be done by two. 

Not knowing the other’s…

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