Friday Arts Day: Interview with Dave Powys from The Paper Kites

Today I am talking with Guitarist Dave Powys from The Paper Kites.

The Paper Kites are an indie rock-folk band from Melbourne, Australia. The band was formed in 2010 and consists of Sam Bentley, Christina Lacy, Dave Powys, Josh Bentley and Sam Rasmussen. They have released two EPs “Woodland” and “Young North”. Their debut album “States” was released in August 2013 and they are currently working their next record set for release in 2015.

The Paper Kites have done incredibly well in Australia with sell out shows and the quintet are now finding international acclaim in America and Canada.

Dave and I met over a coffee in Warrandyte.

He was the barista and I was parked at local cafe ‘Now and Not Yet’ doing some work.

(Incidentally Dave, you make an excellent coffee).

Dave, your bio on The Paper Kites Face book page says:

“Hello, we’re The Paper Kites, we play songs”.

From this I deduce that you are either short on words or very humble.

Maybe you could fill us in a bit on who the band comprises of and what your passions are?

IMG_2142 2

DP: Just incredibly humble, actually we were voted the most humble band in the world! That’s a joke… Maybe just short on words.
Well what can I tell you about the band? There is five of us, kinda like Enid Blytons five, which would probably make me Timmy the dog.

Sam Bentley ‘Sam’ is the primary songwriter and brains behind a lot of what we do. He plays guitar among other things. He grew up in Melbourne, barracks for Richmond, loves films and is getting married this year.

Sam got trapped in a water slide at wet and wild once. One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

Josh Bentley ‘J Booncely’ is Sams cousin and plays the drums. He also grew up in Melbourne, barracks for Carlton, loves sport and a good altercation. In fact he is also getting married this year! Josh was attacked by wasps recently and looked like he got punched in the face.


Christina Lacy ‘Stina’ is a founding member of the band along with Sam, she plays guitar, keys and sings. She grew up in Melbourne and barracks for Collingwood. She loves the culinary side of life, and is often dressed better than the rest of us. My favourite quote from her is;

“So what’s the deal with Star Wars?

Is Darth Vader Luke’s dad or something?

Sam Rasmussen ‘Raz’ plays the bass and has a habit of finding beige clothes and belongings. He grew up in Perth and barracks for Fremantle.

A wicked cook, husband and father of two, he also has a magical alter ego ‘The Great Razzini’ who cannot be underestimated. Raz once karate chopped a sauce sachet which exploded all over a ladies hair who was sitting next to us. She wasn’t as impressed as I was.


And I’m Dave ‘Dave’

I play guitar and have the most amount of hair in the band. I grew up in Canberra mostly and don’t really care much for footy. I love good music, coffee and my wife.

I once split my eyebrow open playing totem tennis.

Lisa: How did you all meet, what or who was the bomb that bought you all together?

DP:  Sam and Christina had been playing together for sometime. We all knew each other through different bands and Josh, Raz and I agreed to play with them for a few shows.

Lisa: Dave, tell us some of the highlights that the band has had over the last two years?

DP:  Releasing our debut album ‘States’ in August 2013 was significant. Our first tour in North America during the fall that same year was huge for us. We did the first half of the tour supporting City And Colour and almost drove around the whole continent. A particular highlight though was playing at the Forum Theatre in Melbourne on our ‘States’ tour. It had been a dream of ours to play there for a long time.

Lisa: Do you all contribute to the writing process or is there one person in particular who writes the music/lyrics?”

DP:  Sam is responsible for the songs. He is an unreal songwriter and has an eclectic ability. We are all involved in arranging the songs in rehearsal, and sometimes that can significantly change the skeleton of the songs.

Lisa: At what stage in the song writing process do you all come together?

DP: Sam writes the songs in their entirety. When he’s done we start rehearsing.


Lisa: Is there a particular song that resonates with you personally at the moment? If so why?

DP: One of our songs?

Well it’s hard to say as they’re all so new for this album. If you’re asking about any song in general… I’d have to say ‘Shadows’ by Ryan Adams. It’s delicate, beautiful and perfectly restrained with excellent guitar tones as usual.

Lisa: You are in the studio in Seattle at the moment recording. How is it going?

What can you tell us about the new album?

DP:  Well I’m sitting in a cafe in Ballard, we only just arrived yesterday. We start tomorrow, so I’ll just be setting up the guitars today and making sure everything’s ready to go.

Lisa: Dave, where and how can people follow the band?

DP:  Our Facebook is pretty up to date, although if you open your news feed with the intention of searching our page, you’ll most likely be distracted by useless updates, synapse numbing videos and invitations to play bloody candy crush saga, so check our website.

Lisa:  Do you have another tour planned?

DP: Not yet. Although there will most definitely be touring in the second half of this year.
Lisa:  When do you think the album will be released?

DP: Not too sure, but I’d hope by July.

Lisa: In 2013 you scored your first ever ARIA chart entry with their debut album, States which was recorded with ARIA Award winning producer, Wayne Connolly. This must have been an incredible experience.


What did you learn out of this?  Did this accelerate your kudos?

DP:  We learnt heaps during that experience.

We had worked with Wayne on our EP ‘Young North’ so we already felt comfortable. We learnt to track songs live together, and experiment with more sounds and more instruments. As far as our Kudos goes, maybe I’ll leave that to the critics.

Lisa:  I have a video link below to the song St Clarity. Can you tell us a bit about this song?

DP: This is one of my favourite videos we’ve ever done. Please check out the making of this clip as well with the amazing Natasha Pincus.

Dave thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with us today on Sunday Everyday.

The Paper Kites:



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