Jiri Dvorsky is a brilliant graphic artist that I found down a rabbit hole. I was looking for amazing pictures whilst creating Sunday Everyday.  I found one of Jiri’s pieces on Google Images, I then had to track down the artist so that I could please please please get permission to use his work and not infringe on copyright.  I finally found Jiri on Deviant Art where we met and started a conversation which led to his permission for me to use his work and then to this interview.  *Insert Happy Dance here.

Let mid_by_pixx_73-d689dyke remind you that English is not Jiri’s first language and it has taken some effort for Jiri to write for us today, for which I am very grateful.   Jiri is a professional graphic artist from the Czech Republic.  You can view Jiris amazing work here at Deviant Art


Every Artist loves feedback so if you pop in to have a look at his work, please leave a comment for him and also let him know that you found his work through Sunday Everyday.  He would really appreciate it.

Jiri tell us a bit about yourself, where you live, where you work, about your family?

I live in a small town called Nachod, near the Polish border. There is lots of hills and beautiful countryside and I love walking in surroundings. I am married and have one son. He is twenty years old and studying in the School of Construction. 
Graphics is my profession since I was 19 years. 
At first worked as a designer of textile printing, then I worked in this specialisation for several years freelancing. Now I am working for a long time in an advertising agency as a graphic designer. 
I also have a lot of hobbies, I love books and movies, I am interested in the history of the WWII, I like working in the garden, growing bonsai and walks with my dog Max.
Jiri has kindly allowed me to use two of his pieces on my blog Sunday Everyday – My favourite is “In My Hands” and the other  is  “The Meeting”. 
Can you tell me a bit about the process of making a piece like  “The Meeting” pictured above?
These pictures are about the relationship between a man and woman, just like lot of my other paintings. This is eternal and fascinating theme. How you want to belong to someone… and how sometimes two people who wanted each otherare living in different worlds and never can be together.
Do you paint?  If so did you paint or sketch the piece first or do you do it all on computer?
It is differentSometimes I make sketches on paperusually when suddenly I get an idea and I do not want it to forgetBut they are very rough and ugly sketches.   I am quite lazy and painting on the computer is much easier. Wacom tablet is a great tool. And I really love the function “Undo” in Photoshop. 🙂

Was this piece used for work or is it something you did for your own pleasure?
It is a picture just for my pleasure and I am so glad that other people like it. My professional work in an advertising agency is sometimes a bit boring and tiringThis is a way to realize my personal ideasmoods and thoughts. It’s very important for me, that is absolutely free creation.  In my job I often realise clients’ ideas with which sometimes I  do not quite agree.
How long would it take you to create a piece like this? 
I usually paint only when I have free time, one day only a part, another day another part etc. So it takes a few daysSometimes, therefore, the final picture may be quite different from the initial idea. And sometimes it happens that a painting remains unfinished, because it ceased to entertain me.

I love your surreal whimsical style, but you have other styles.  What is your favourite style of work? 
Thank you, this one is my favorite style too, this is a best style for my realization. Currently I really like surreal and dreamy landscapes. I am little bit dreamer maybe...

Can you show us an example of a piece that you have done that you love personally?
It‘s a bit like saying which child you love most. 🙂  Mostly I like my last painting, but in the long term I very like pictures “The Circle” and “In my Hands”.

“The Circle”
The Circle

“In My Hands”

This amazing piece of digital art is by Jiří Dvorský you can find his work on Deviant Art pixx-73.deviantart.com/

This amazing piece of digital art is by Jiří Dvorský you can find his work on Deviant Art pixx-73.deviantart.com/

Why does this  particular piece mean so much to you?

 My paintings often captured what I‘m experiencing in this timethe things what troubling me or what makes me happy. It is the same with these two pieces.

What does Art mean to you?
The need. 
From time to time I  just need something to paintIt calms meAnd I am very pleased from other people’s reactions
I’m happy if they would find in my paintings something that touches their hearts. And it does not matter if someone understands my painting differently than I had thoughtOn the contrary, in this it’s the magicthat each can find in my paintings their own ideas and feelings.

Jiri, thank you so much for being on Sunday Everyday.  Thank you also for sharing your incredible gift with us.  
I thank you very much for your interest, I really appreciate that and I wish you every success with your blog. Jiri

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  1. Admiring the persistence you put into your blog and detailed information you provide. It’s awesome to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same unwanted rehashed material. Great read! I’ve saved your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.


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